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The Agricultural model of Almería is an international reference at both production and marketing levels. We can consider Almería as the main agricultural HUB in the world since our province has stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain at all levels.

SANSA2020 is the first edition of the Annual Conference on Food Security, Sustainable Business and Water in the Agricultural sector.

This initiative aims to establish an International Discussion Forum among members of the supply chain, school and other stakeholders.


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We have an organizational structure and a teaching team that from the beginning created a collaborative, welcoming and motivating institution to assess all capacities, regardless of the student profile to ensure the professional success of each person.

At the production level, the model of agricultural exploitation of Almería is of high technical and economic performance. It is based on the rational use of natural resources and the efficient use of plastic greenhouses. Almería has around 32,000 hectares of greenhouse cultivation and 12,000 hectares of outdoor cultivation all set up from the principle of efficiency.



We have active consultants and integrated companies to cover and fulfill a basic need: to train highly qualified professionals in company management and direction in the agricultural sector. We have an international teaching staff with proven teaching capacity and experience in the agribusiness sector, representing the entire agricultural and agri-food supply chain.

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