5 tips to select a CRM in your agri company

Before choosing a good CRM system for your agri company we must first be clear about what a CRM is. As many of us know, it is a strategy for managing relationships between companies and customers, both current and potential. Not only that, CRM is responsible for managing sales, optimizing profitability, customizing lead generation campaigns and much more. To choose the best CRM tool we recommend you to follow these 5 tips:

1- Define clear goals

CRMs have a multitude of features and services of which many will be irrelevant to you. Therefore, first of all, you must define the goals you want your company to achieve. In addition, the objectives of all the departments that will use the CRM must be present. It may not be used by all departments at the beginning, but in the future it could be useful and even a new division could be added to the company that does use the CRM. Therefore, it must be able to accommodate different teams.

Once the organization’s objectives have been determined, the different programs are analyzed, their different functionalities are investigated and compared with the business objectives. Finally, the best option is chosen.

2- Analyze the compatibility

It may be that your company already uses a system other than CRM but instead of replacing it with this one, you think it would be better to combine them. It is important to analyze these aspects when making a decision.

The CRM itself can help you perform this task and unify all the tools of your agri company in a single system. It is also very practical that the CRM can be used from mobile devices.

3- Ensure automation and information sharing

You should make sure that the CRM you choose is intuitive and allows you to automate tasks as much as possible. Having to enter data manually into the computer is very inefficient and it is better to invest that time in other more productive activities.

On the other hand, it is desirable that the CRM facilitates transparency and collaboration. Although there should be hierarchies and different access roles, try to avoid concentrating almost everything in one person. This will reduce the probability of error and give a more comprehensive picture of the business status.

CRM in your agri company

4- Provide training to your team

Basic CRM training is essential for any agribusiness. Sometimes organizations fail to get the most out of this tool because they do not provide the necessary training to their employees. For maximum efficiency, all members of the organization must know how it works. For example, it is common to test demos or free trials or to enroll employees in courses.

5- Evaluate the price of implementation

Once all these steps have been taken, it would be necessary to estimate the project cost of implementing the CRM, as well as its maintenance and the aforementioned training.


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