A MIAM Online student’s experience

Online courses have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they have multiple advantages over face-to-face courses.

However, not all online courses are equal and it depends a lot on the quality and structure whether it is an efficient course or not. In my case I can tell you that the Master in International Agribusiness Management Online was a resounding success for me and, therefore, I would like to share my experience with you.

What is MIAM Online about and what does it include?

The course covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Accounting & Finance in the Agricultural Sector
  • Leadership Skills and Career Development
  • Strategy in Agribusiness Companies
  • Sustainability, challenges and solutions
  • Agriworld
  • Marketing and sales
  • Operations in the agricultural sector
  • Smart Agro & Technology
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Each module consisted of a lecture, reading materials, quizzes, and a final exam at the end. We also participated in group projects in different modules and had to do a Final Agribusiness Project. The classes were very interactive, and the professors were engaging and informative. The school did a great job of selecting experienced lecturers who taught us not only the theoretical aspects of the material, but also how to apply it practically in our personal and professional lives.

Another remarkable aspect of the ISAM´s course was the opportunity to engage with the professors outside the class. This could be done via email or Zoom. For instance, I have met with some of them to ask for their advice on how to best develop my business. I have also asked them how I can apply what we have learned in class to my business, or even to get their feedback on specific aspects of it. Their support has been invaluable, and it has helped me to improve my business and provide value to my customers.

Finally, another quality of this course was that we could attend online events. These were very informative and feature speakers from around the world offering information on the latest trends and solutions in the agricultural sector. It was amazing to participate in these events and interact with the speakers. I have learned a lot and it has opened my eyes to the possibilities I have as a young agribusiness leader.

What have I learned throughout the course?

As entrepreneurs, we face multiple difficulties and problems along the way. Thanks to this course I have learned to identify those problems faced by the agricultural sector, to propose solutions and to choose the most appropriate one. All this using a series of skills that I have been acquiring with all the activities carried out.

Apart from that, I have worked on how to achieve a good positioning as an agribusiness leader and how to be a successful provider of solutions that have a positive impact on communities.

student attending to online classes

In conclusion, I had a very positive experience with this Agribusiness MBA Online. It was well organized and easy to follow, the professors were very competent and interesting. Not to mention my classmates, who made this experience a culturally rich one.

Then there is the extraordinary staff at ISAM, who have been incredibly encouraging and supportive, always available to listen and help.

Above all, you leave having learned a great deal of new knowledge and I am very grateful to this School. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about this field.


Tlotlo Neo Phuduhudu is a MIAM Online student and entrepreneur who is experienced in the intersection of development tourism, agriculture and the empowerment of rural farming communities in Botswana. She is the founder of Native Feeds which is an agribusiness company using innovative methods to produce livestock feed.

She has participated in numerous training and conferences as Beef Productivity Training and Business and Entrepreneurship –YALI Regional Leadership Center Southern Africa and UNISA.

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