Almeria´s Plastic Sea as a source of renewable energy?

There is no doubt that we face an energetic crisis and its cost is getting higher for families every day. The simple fact of switching on the heating or the air conditioner is starting to look luxurious. Solar panels are an awesome solution but not everyone is able to afford them. However…

Do you imagine solar panels which could be printed on any surface? We could dive into an ocean of possibilities… Cooling/heating floor tiles, clothes able to produce cold or heat, self-charging cars, lights, energy storage, etc.

We want to tell you about Sana Energy, a German-Spanish company whose headquarters have been working for over two decades in the development of a nano-compound that can print on a huge variety of surfaces, emulating the performance of a solar panel.

We guess you are already wondering why we are discussing this in our blog. Well, according to trustful sources, one of this company’s short-term projects (a year and a half) is printing their nano-compounds on the roofs of Almeria´s Plastic Sea greenhouses.

The nano-compound mentioned above could duplicate some qualities of the current solar panels, such as storage or durability. All this can be done without influencing the growing process of the crops, as long as the farmers could adjust the intensity of light going through depending on their needs. Besides, the compound is 100% recyclable and it would have a positive impact on the sustainability of Almeria´s production model.

Can you forecast the highly high cost this would suppose for the farmers in the area? The answer is zero. Sana Energy intends to print their nano-compounds in exchange for “renting” their roofs so as to sell the excess energy produced.

For those willing to pay the cost, figures have not transcended yet. In spite of this, they are said to be profitable after 2 years only.

We can only wait and desire all the best. We hope they achieve it.

ISAM Academy

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