Joaquín Amérigo, a story of success & a mandatory internship

Interviewing a current student of MIAM When he started the Master in International Agribusiness Management he couldn’t have imagined everything that would happen afterwards. This is the story of Joaquín Amérigo, a Spanish student who enrolled MIAM being a graduate in English Language and Communication with French and who got a job in the agribusiness […]

Is your company internationalized or do you just export?

company internationalized or do you just export

Globalization has meant a turning point in the way of doing business, as companies now understand that they do not have to limit themselves to national borders in order to profit from their products. However, it is believed that a business that exports is already international and it is not, do you know why? Keep […]

Logistics in the agricultural sector: main features

logistics in the agricultural sector

The Agribusiness sector is formed by different areas of knowledge and one of them is logistics. Logistics is the process by which goods from the suppliers arrive at the hands of producers or manufacturers and finally to the consumers in optimal conditions. In the case of the agricultural sector, most of the time these goods […]

Why should I study agribusiness?

study Agribusiness

Due to the quick evolution of technologies and globalization, jobs are changing. The professions of the future have reached the most traditional sectors such as the agricultural sector. Studies in agribusiness management train professionals for decision making in the field of administrative and technological management of agribusiness. In today’s article we will tell you why […]

Why studying a non-official Master’s degree?

Universities offer the possibility of enrolling into non-official Master’s degrees for students to improve their curriculum and broaden their professional training. On many occasions, students are not sure about the differences between official and non-official Master’s degrees. In today’s article, you will learn why it is convenient to enroll in a non-official Master’s degree. Nowadays, […]