Solbay Segovia, connecting the flower family business with her future career

Solbay Segovia, from Ecuador, could have never imagined that enrolling in MIAM could result in so many benefits for her family business! When she came to Spain she wanted to develop her career in the flower sector… but she did much more than just that! This is the story of Solbay Segovia in Colvin and […]

Skills into practice: the story of Bleis Koni in BASF

With a background in Economics, Bleis Koni proved to BASF-Nunhems that he came from Albania to make an impact in the agribusiness sector. His experience as Marketing Manager for Agro Koni and all the knowledge he acquired during 11 months in MIAM, led him to a future job opportunity in this Seedhouse.    Where did […]

Is your company internationalized or do you just export?

company internationalized or do you just export

Globalization has meant a turning point in the way of doing business, as companies now understand that they do not have to limit themselves to national borders in order to profit from their products. However, it is believed that a business that exports is already international and it is not, do you know why? Keep […]