Almería: Agriculture and Agribusiness in progress

Technological innovation is leading Almería’s agriculture through a process of continuous transformation in which it is reconducting its methodology to a more sustainable and beneficial agriculture for the planet. The meteorological characteristics and methods of Almería’s agriculture clearly set us as global models in the agricultural sector. Therefore,when we ask for the real reason for […]

Cellular Agriculture Canada: The solution to the challenge of world food demand

Cellular Agriculture Canada is a national interdisciplinary organization with a mission to support and promote the industry and research of cell farming in Canada. The demand to feed a global population of 10 billion by 2050 is challenging our food systems. A recent report published by the World Economic Forum, “Meat: Future Series – Alternative […]

Make sure that you have everything ready for Spain

Have you decided to specialize in agribusiness? Congratulations! An amazing career is waiting for you But first things first, let’s make sure we have covered all the steps and your application and travel preparation is up to speed!  To start the application process you only need to go to ISAM Student Portal to upload your admission documents. […]