From intern to Commercialization Expert: the story of Myrtó Tsiana in ZOI Agrícola

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With a background in Farming and Agriculture Technology in Greece, Myrtó Tisana enrolled in MIAM to be trained as an international professional in the agribusiness sector… and she certainly achieved it! Keep reading to learn the full story of Myrtó and her new job position in ZOI Agrícola.  


Where did you do your internship?

I did my internship at Zoi Agrícola, a company that is based in Almería. ZOI Agricola is a company of vegetable producers that commercializes and distributes its own products. 

Its business model is based on freshness and quality and as a company, they collect its products the same day they are delivered, directly packed infield. Some of their products are California peppers in green, red, orange, and yellow colors, vine and lose tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, melons, and watermelons.

Which areas of the company did you work on? 

I did my internship in the commercial department, which is responsible for the daily sales of the company. I was responsible to find commercial information for potential collaborations to enter new markets, making markets researches, how approaching new customers, and how to present the company to new clients

Was the knowledge acquired in the master’s useful for it? 

As a total “fresh-men” in the business sector I can tell without a doubt that the master was a mentor and inspiration for me. All the knowledge that I have gained made me understand easily the process of each department in the company. 

As for the subjects that helped me the mostin the department where I had my internship, I can mention classes like Marketing in the Agri- sector, Agricultural Supply Chain, and of course, Finance and Accounting.

Explain what you learned in the company that you didn’t  know before 

I learned a lot of things, like how you can introduce the company to new clients, how to treat customers, how to manage all the data and the accounts,  how to use all the digital tools to make up the results, how important is the data of every year to see the milestones… and last but not least that all the departments are connected to each other like a chain.

Was the language a barrier for your internship? 

Well, as a foreign student coming from Greece to Spain, I could not speak Spanish at first. I started Spanish classes the same year and although a language needs time, I managed to learn really fast. 

As for if it was a barrier, not at all. I was in a company where a lot of people could speak English, the environment was really warm and I felt welcome from the first day. The people that I worked with were really easygoing and always willing to help me with any questions or doubts.

Is the company offering you an extension of the internship or a contract? 

I finished my internship in the middle of summer and at the beginning of September, the company asked me if I would like to work with them. I said directly yes because I really wanted to work with this team again. I thank them and I really appreciated the fact that they considered me for the job I’m working on now. 

Are you planning to stay in Spain or move back to your country? Why?

This is my second year in Almería and I would like to stay more and gain more experience.

Do you think the mandatory internship is relevant in MIAM?

YES. After all the theory you gain, you need to see the action part. Here, you develop your skills, your knowledge, your network and you open new opportunities in this sector.

Explain how you feel about the internship and the master’s in general. Would you recommend the experience?

My internship at ZOI was the first introduction to this sector that I am currently working in, and I learnt a lot of things that helped me grow professionally and see how the work is moving.

On the other hand, I can say that the experience of this master was unforgettable, one of the decisions that changed my life.

I recommend to every person that has a small idea to do something further or to start something new in the agri- sector. ISAM provides you with all the necessary tools to become a part of this agri-world and I want to thank ISAM and all the people that are working for it. 

Knowledge is power.

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