IFAMA Competition: The experience of ISAM Alumni

Attending the IFAMA conference in New Zealand this year has been a fruitful experience. IFAMA yet again showcased world class talent in the Global Student Case Competition as well as in the Academic Symposium and Global Forum.

As my third year attending IFAMA, and my second with ISAM, I can only testify of the tremendous value that networking opportunities like these have contributed to both my professional and personal growth. My connections through ISAM and IFAMA has opened so many doors for me world wide.

My year at ISAM really enabled me, who grew up in Africa, to get eye-opening exposure to European agriculture and the futuristic innovations already in practice in other parts of the world. Above and beyond that, my time as a MIAM student was also the best preparation for solving real world cases in short time spans, the perfect training for success at the student competition.

Highlights of the IFAMA Competition 

The highlight of this year’s conference to me was learning from other teams participating in the case competition on their approaches and frameworks. It was both exciting and humbling to see the caliber of talent coming up in the agricultural industry around the world.

The networking events hosted throughout the conference were not only engaging and thought-provoking but also truly fruitful and inspiring with many of these connections eager to meet again next year.

The Global Forum hosted many brilliant talks. I’m excited to see the technology and transformation happening in the industry and New Zealand is leading by example in so many key areas of sustainability. New Zealand has a large livestock industry, and this year it was wonderful to have more engaging conversations for those agriculturalists within that sector.

a isam alumni talking in a conference
Michelle Marais, Former MIAM student

With ISAM being the host next year, I could not be more excited and more proud to be an ISAM alum. I am so expectant for what the 2024 conference will hold for all the guests travelling to beautiful Spain from around the world. Almería in itself is a place I believe all agriculture enthusiasts need exposure to, as it gave me lots of new perspective on what agriculture means to the fundamental economic development of any region.

I highly urge anyone reading this article to become involved with IFAMA. There are lots of insightful webinars, articles, research publications, learning opportunities and networking skills to be gained from this amazing association.

Visit their website and sign up. You won’t regret it. Looking forward to seeing you all next year in Almería.

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