MIAM Student Experience attending Fruit Logística 2022

Fruit Logistica in Berlin was one of the most anticipated events in the MIAM 2021 intake. As one of the biggest agricultural events in Europe with 73 000 vendors and visitors in attendance from 135 different countries, Fruit Logistica was an interesting experience for the ISAM students.

ISAM at Fruit Logistica

There were ISAM students from various programs present at Fruit Logistica 2022 and some ISAM current and past students used the event as an opportunity to do some networking. The President and CEO of ISAM, Germán Fernandez also attended the event, along with many of the ISAM professors.

International Environment

The MIAM 2021 class has 18 students from 12 nationalities. Vendors and visitors from each of these nationalities were present at Fruit Logistica, which gave students an opportunity to touch base with industry members from their home countries. Fruit Logistica provides an interesting insight into the global fruit and vegetable markets with ample opportunities to network with agribusinesses from around the world.

Fruit Logística 2022

Panels and roundtable discussions

Fruit Logistica also facilitates many panel and roundtable discussions over the course of the event where important issues, market developments, and research are discussed. These talks provided students with unique learning experiences and gaining global perspectives on pressing issues in the agricultural sector.

Company appointments

With the help of the ISAM team, the MIAM students were able to secure an appointment with Bayer at their company stand on the final day of the event. At this meeting, the students were introduced to several leaders within the company. Bayer shared their Food Chain Partnership model and explanations on how it is working in various countries around the world. The session resulted in a meaningful exchange of ideas and served as a great motivation for the MIAM students to continue being involved in the movement towards more sustainable agriculture not only in Europe, but around the world.

Talking Business

The event gave our students many opportunities to explore possible employment opportunities with agribusinesses around the world. Utilizing the ISAM network, many students were able to set meetings with representatives from companies specifically related to their field of interest through mutual contacts.

The MIAM 2021 students and ISAM alumni thoroughly enjoyed attending Fruit Logistica in Berlin. The attendance of these events sets ISAM apart from other business and agribusiness schools. The ISAM network is an invaluable asset that is at its best display at such events and students are strongly encouraged to utilize these opportunities to develop their professional network and network skills as it will undoubtedly become a valuable foundation for a successful career.

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