This document represents the most recent version of INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF AGRI MANAGEMENT (ISAM) terms and conditions for the program selected.

These are subject to change with or without notice, and the most recent version is also available online at www.isam.education

These terms and conditions are complementary to the general ones.

By accessing the platform, attending the induction day or the first class of the master’s program, the student tacitly accepts the terms and conditions of ISAM, as well as the budget provided in the letter of admission. It is not possible to cancel the application to the program at this stage.

Access to the ISAM Ambassador Scholarship: In order to access the ISAM Ambassador Scholarship, the student must meet the specific requirements of each call for applications and submit an essay on the topic proposed in that edition.

Acceptance of the scholarship will involve the signing of a bilateral contract between ISAM and the student, which will detail the tasks and objectives to be fulfilled, which will involve a dedication of 15 hours per week.

This and all of ISAM’s master’s degrees are considered within the private master’s framework.

1. Payments

The students who start the application process for ISAM Masters must make the following payments.

a) Total Tuition Fee


This amount includes visa and academic report (This document is mandatory for those who have studied abroad)

b) Application fee: 90€

c) Confirmation deposit: 1500€. This amount is necessary to reserve your seat and it is not refundable.

2. Payments Facilities

One payment:  – 5% discount FINAL TUITION FEE

Three payments without interest

Six payments + 150€ administrative fee

– You can use it in combination with any other type of financial aid that you could receive.

– Our installment payment plans will change depending on the proximity of the start date of the program, in order to make sure that the total tuition fee is paid before the beginning of the master’s (September).

Note: *Please bear in mind that all the payments need to be done before the start of the course. For those students that have not made all the payments on time, ISAM has the right to decide if they will start the program or not.

3. Enquiries

For any questions you can contact:

ISAM Administrion Deparment

Mail: administracion@isam.education | Phone: + 34 680 358 464

4. Methods of Payment

Foreign transaction fees and currency exchange rates can be costly and time-consuming to find the best provider, which is why ISAM is offering through payment providers a cost-efficient, reliable, and fast way to make payments.

Depending on the student’s location different payment methods are available (bank transfer, credit card, and other online platforms).

5. Visa

ISAM helps international students with their visas and makes sure the visa process is managed optimally.

To start managing the student visa, the student needs:

1. To be accepted into the program

2. To have paid the first installment.

Those students who decided to withdraw their application after initiating the visa process will be charged an extra 400€. The confirmation deposit (1500€) is not refundable.

Those students who decide to withdraw their application after having their visa will be charged an extra 300€ (700€ in total). The confirmation deposit (1500€) is not refundable.

In the case that the student holding a Visa decides to withdraw their application ISAM will contact the Embassy to cancel the student Visa. Thus, it will be illegal for the student to enter the country under a Student Visa with ISAM.

All MIAM students must make sure they arrive in Almería (Spain) on time for the start of the program: September 14th. 

Students who cannot guarantee their arrival in time, will be directly transferred to the next intake of the program (September 2024).

6. Insurance Cover

Your health and wellness are important to us, which is why we require all students to have adequate insurance coverage. As it may be challenging for students to ensure insurance coverage in a foreign country ISAM has negotiated a tailor-made student insurance coverage option for our students.

7. Admission Policy

The admissions policy of ISAM is intended to assess how an applicant might contribute to and benefit from an intensive graduate business education in a culturally diverse institutional environment. It reflects a holistic approach to application review, based on (1) Basic Admissions Criteria, (2) Primary Personal Factors, and (3) Secondary Personal Factors, as set forth below:

Basic Admissions Criteria

1. Undergraduate degree

2. Undergraduate transcript

3. Letters of recommendation

4. English language proficiency

5. Statement of purpose

6. Résumé

7. Satisfactory Admission Interview

Primary Personal Factors

1. Career goals

2. Entrepreneurial skills

3. Evidence of: — Leadership — Professional promise — Motivation and drive — Overcoming adversity

8. Financial Aid Policy

ISAM awards merit-based scholarships as well as need-based grants and other financial assistance to eligible students. The ISAM Financial Aid policy is intended to advance the School’s mission to deliver a useful and enduring business education to international professionals. It is based on the following objectives:

(1) to promote a nationally, culturally, and ethnically diverse student body,

(2) to encourage outstanding applicants to enroll in the ISAM Program, and

(3) to provide financial assistance to qualified applicants in need of such assistance.

Consistent with these objectives, ISAM has set forth the following guidelines for the awarding of bursaries, grants, fellowships, and other forms of financial aid: All such awards should be based on the following criteria:

1. Country of origin (to ensure national, cultural, and ethnic diversity)

2. Financial need

3. Specialized knowledge, skills, and/or expertise and Agri Sector environment 

4. Career goals

5. Entrepreneurial skills

6. Community, public, or national service

7. Evidence of — Leadership — Professional promise — Motivation and drive — Resilience in the face of adversity

Withdrawals and Refunds, Refund Schedule, Dismissal from the Program 

Read the General Terms and Conditions

9. Internships

They are configured as academic activities that are part of the program’s study plan. They are compulsory as long as there is no alternative subject for which they can be substituted.

They are managed through the Academic Director, which maintains an active relationship with companies and organizations to identify internship opportunities and promote the candidacy of students and, in the event that the student is selected to carry out the internships, it also manages the subscription of the corresponding Educational Cooperation Agreement. 

Likewise, it will process the subscription of this agreement when the student has obtained by himself a collaborating entity was to carry out the practices, provided that the assumption complies with the current regulations and with the requirements established in the study plan of the program taken.

Students who demonstrate professional experience in a field related to their studies may request recognition as curricular internships, as long as the program allows it.

To this end, the student must submit a formal request through administracion@isam.education that must be accompanied by the required documentation.

The said request will be evaluated and will be resolved accordingly.

10. Modification, voluntary withdrawal, resignation and automatic registration cancellation. Reincorporation.

10.1 Modification

The time limit to present a modification solicitude of the registration (the program or modality changing) can not exceed in any case fifteen (15) days from the program beginning date. The solicitudes presented outside this time limit will not be admitted for the processing. The solicitude should be presented on paper to the attention of the academic directorship of ISAM. The solicitudes will be evaluated and should be authorised by the corresponding Admissions Committee, who would determine, in each case, the adequacy or the non-adequacy of the change.

When the modification entails an augmentation of the total registration price, the participant should pay the additional price in a unique period. When the modification supposes the decrease of the total registration price, no reimbursement will be made, except if the modification is due to imputable causes to ISAM.

10.2 Withdrawal and Reentry:

A student may retire from the master’s program at any moment with previous written notification to the Academic Directorship of the school. The student may only rejoin the same program once. To do so, they must complete the payment of 100% of their tuition and at the time of reinstatement, they will have to pay 15% of the total cost of enrollment as an administrative fee.

The course options and the study programs will be subjected to space and schedule disponibility. Besides proportioning a written notice to the academic directorship, all the students should meet the CEO before retiring (it can be physically or online). 

If the student has a student visa, the retirement from ISAM will invalidate the student visa and will be informed to the immigration authorities.

10.3. Voluntary discharge

The student who desires to cause a discharge outside the withdrawal time should formally solicit it to ISAM, through a written presented to those effects, to the attention of the Academic Director. 

10.4. Job withdrawal or registration cancellation

ISAM will unilaterally resolve the providing services contract that these General Conditions document and proceed to the job withdrawal or registration cancellation in the following cases:

1. Dishonesty or irregularities in the data/documents facilitated, especially in the relatives to the access and admission requirements.

2. Confirmation of the lack of attendance of the access and admission requirements.

3. Failure to present, in time and form, the academic documentation required for the effects (in the cases of the ones admitted in the university masters programs).

4. Failure to pay the full tuition fee on time.

5. Total or partial non-fulfillment of the duties deriving from your student condition and, particularly, the total or partial non-fulfillment of the following obligations, which are proper and applicable to you:

– To actively study and participate in the academic activities which contribute to completing their formation.

– To respect the university community members and the staff of the collaborator entities who serve ISAM or installations habilitated for academic impartation.

– To care for and correctly use the goods, equipment, installations, or enclosure of ISAM or those collaborator entities.

– To be absent from the usage or cooperation on fraudulent procedures in the evaluation processes, the works that are made or official documents of ISAM.

– To participate responsibly in the ISAM activities and to cooperate to its normal development.

– To know and to fulfil the norms established on the manual of the students and the rest of the reglementary norms of ISAM, when applicable.

– To know and to fulfil the internal norms on security and health.

– To respect the name, symbols and emblems of ISAM, as well as its right use in all channels, either physically or digitally.

– To respect the academic acts of ISAM, as well as its participants, without prejudice of its free exercise of expression and manifestation.

– To exercise and promote actively the non-discrimination due to birth, racial or ethnic origin, sex, religion, conviction or opinion, age, incapacity, nationality, illness, sexual orientation and gender identity, socioeconomic, idiomatic and linguistic condition, political and sindical affinity, or due to appearance, overweight or obesity, or due to any other condition or personal/social circumstance, of the university community members, the collaboration entities staff or who provide services in ISAM.

– To exercise, in its case, the responsibilities characteristic of the representation charge for what they had been chosen.

– To inform your represented ones of the activities and solutions of the organism you participate, with the reserve and discretion established in those organisms.

– To participate actively and responsibly on the organism meetings for which you had been chosen.

– To contribute to the improvement of the purposes and ISAM functioning.

The performance of any behavior, expressions and illegal contents, defamatory, offensive or which may attend against the values and the dignity of the people, against the good image and reputation of ISAM, or produced in an environment and space of the institution, either physical or virtual, the social media included.

The unilateral and consequent cancellation of the registration does not imply in any case the refund of the amounts paid.

11. Programs Cancellation. Modification on the programs start date

11.1. Programs Cancellation

ISAM reserves the right of suspending a program up to a week before its start date and thus will communicate so to the interested ones, candidates, admitted ones or participants.

11.2. Modification on the programs start date

ISAM reserves the right of modifying the start date of a program, having to notify so as soon as possible to the interested ones, candidates, admitted ones or participants.

The participant may accept the new dates; in the case he/she does not accept them, ISAM would refund them the quantities paid till the date in the concept of seat confirmation or registration.