The challenge of securing food
for the entire population

June 9th

9 Speakers

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Second Edition

Welcome to the second edition of the Annual Conference on Food Security, Sustainable Business and Water in the Agricultural sector. Much of the conference revolves around fruit and vegetables and the role they play in facing the challenge of food insecurity, taking advantage of the special occasion of the International Year of Fruits & Vegetables. In addition to exploring the vision of livestock and agriculture as fundamental sectors.




Meet the people behind the presentations.

Fighting food
waste: Why it matters

Philippe has led projects  around the world combating waste in the food system

Philippe Shuler

Global Impact Manager at Too Good To Go

Food Security for Sustainable Development

Part of the division of
strategic alliances in the World Food Program, Nobel Peace Prize 2020

Juan E. Chebly

Strategic Partnerships Officer at World Food Programme UN

Challenges and Opportunities in Nigeria's Agricultural Sector And The Importance of Facilitators

Bamidele Seun Owoola

Founder & CEO at Welcome to Africa International

Yahira Piedrahita

CEO at Cámara Nacional de Acuicultura de Ecuador 

Josefina Eisele

Director for Latin America at Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef

Isaac Arevalo

Head of Strategic Sourcing at Marley Spoon

Agustín Herrero

CEO at Asociación de Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de España

Guy Elitzur

CEO at Vertical Field

Sudhanshu Sarronwala

Chief Impact Officer at Infarm

Philippe Binard

General Delegate at Freshfel Europe

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The food chain cannot stop in crisis situations, so the environmental aspects that directly affect the sector cannot be left unattended.

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SANSA 2021 is organized by ISAM, the international agribusiness school together with Coexphal, the Association of Organizations of Fruit and Vegetable Producers of Almería.