Studying in MIAM, the Agribusiness MBA, coming from a totally different sector

Jesús Manzano - MIAM


Jesús Manzano is a MIAM student from Almería who studied for a Bachelor of Primary Education and worked in London (UK) as a teacher, barista, football coach, lifeguard, and then as a farmer in his family business of production of peppers and cherry tomatoes.

He enrolled in MIAM with the aim of taking on his parents’ business, expanding it, and opening it to new possibilities. Learn the story of how Jesús Manzano, the Almería Ambassador enrolled in MIAM. 


Do I apply? 

I know, you are looking for a master´s degree, you have found ISAM and you liked their masters in the agribusiness sector because you know it is one of the most important sectors and it is growing exponentially BUT, you have not studied anything related neither to business administration nor to the agriworld, and now, you are about to dismiss this chance without even checking it…

Let me please share my experience with you, as you may find it quite relevant.

It all started when I finished my bachelor, when I wanted to study a Master’s degree but I did not know which one. I got to know about ISAM, but to be honest with you, I kind of ignored this option because it was not linked to my profile, or that is what I thought.

I will tell you a little bit now about my profile just in order for you to be able to get yourself in my shoes. I did my Bachelor in Primary Education, and, after that, I worked as barista, teacher, football coach and lifeguard. Anyway, being from Almería, agriculture has been always my background. My parents, as well as the vast majority of the people here, are farmers. My brother is also agronomist. That’s why during the last spring (2022) I decided I wanted to study something related to the sector, such as vocational training.

Given the context, just imagine how I dared to apply for this master’s.

Let´s move now to summer 2022 when a friend came to me and said something like: “Your brother has just graduated as an agronomist, I think the master of ISAM, MIAM, would really fit him”. Despite he told me more about the master’s and I liked it, I did not think a lot about it because it was not linked to my profile. 

It is time now for the plot twist.

I thought it was such a mistake to dismiss this chance and I checked their website again. Even knowing you have to compete and pass through different stages so as to get into the program, I went ahead. Also, I saw they were offering scholarships, like the Almería Ambassador one. 

I applied and a few weeks later I was interviewed by the CEO, Germán Fernández.

The interview could not go better and now, here I am. It’s been almost 3 months since we started the master and I couldn’t be happier. I met plenty of professionals from the sector all around the world (as well as classmates worldwide), I have been to a couple of international fairs such as Fruit Attraction in Madrid (and we will be going to Fruit Logistica in Berlin the first quarter of 2023).

I am learning a lot: Finance, Accounting, Soft Skills, Human Resources Management, Greenhouses, Certifications, Sustainability, Strategy…

The professors are professionals and super experienced (among which, I have to highlight Carlos, Accountability), friendly and willing to answer ANY questions. Believe me when I tell you these things about them; as I said, I studied to be teacher and I think my opinion should have more value when assessing professors.

And listen to me, I thought I was going to struggle but hard work always pays off. I can say it is the very first time I enjoy studying, I am doing really well and I am looking forward to developing a long career in the agri-world.

Do not hesitate, APPLY.

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