Webinar: Key areas to grow your Agribusiness

Nancy Tucker presents the key areas to focus your Agribusiness in this webinar


Former Vice President and International Business Developer of the Produce Marketing Association, Nancy Tucker, explains in this webinar the key areas in which your agribusiness should focus and how to use them at a local and global level.

Running an agribusiness is not easy. Meeting consumer demands, social responsibility, managing supply chain issues, dealing with climate change, new technologies… are some of the issues that the agribusiness sector has to face. This webinar, led by Nancy Tucker, will explore the key areas that agribusinesses need to focus on, in order to grow both globally and internationally.

The Produce Marketing Association (PMA), a non-profit trade association focused on the fruit and vegetable industry, represents more than 2,800 companies in more than 45 countries. The association works on issues such as food safety, agricultural technology, traceability, nutrition, research, global connections, training, etc. going so far as to collaborate with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to create reporting methodologies related to nutrition labels on fruits and vegetables.


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Having retired from the vice presidency in 2020, in her 40 years working for PMA, Nancy Tucker’s participation was essential in the association’s global development. She joined PMA in 1980 and her role has been very important in the association’s global impact and engagement, working in nearly every area of the association, from marketing and communications to membership, training programs, and consumer education.


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