Webinar: The Rise of Halal Food Market. Key trends and Business Opportunities

Tomás Guerrero shows in this webinar the opportunities that the growing Halal food market is offering.

The director of the Halal Trade & Marketing Center, Tomás Guerrero, presents in this webinar how the halal market will impact the world’s economy and the keys to consider in Agribusiness.

The Halal market is an important business opportunity for global companies. The nearly 1.7 billion Muslims living in the world represent 23% of the world’s population and the consumption of Halal food and beverages is expected to grow by 1.3 billion dollars by 2024. In this webinar, Tomás Guerrero will explore the business opportunities presented by the expanding Halal food market.

Halal refers to that which is lawful according to Islamic law (Sharia). All foods are Halal, except for those identified as Haram by Sharia, such as pork, improperly slaughtered animals, ethanol and other intoxicants, carnivorous animals, blood, contaminated and dangerous foods, etc. The Halal industry not only covers the food market, but also includes tourism, banking and finance, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Passionate about Islamic economics and emerging markets, Tomás Guerrero has dedicated his career to the Halal industry and sovereign wealth funds (SWFs). As director of the Madrid Halal Institute, he has been instrumental in the modernization and internationalization of the institute. Now, it has more than 400 certified companies and is helping to start operations in Latin America.

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