Why is an MBA helpful for an engineer?

A few years ago, MBAs (Master of Business Administration) were mainly aimed at business professionals and managers. Business and engineering are two fields that traditionally have nothing to do with each other, but nowadays this situation is changing due to the burst of the entrepreneurial trend and the demand for versatility in the market. That is why many engineers are looking for a kind of training that allows them to acquire more knowledge about business and project management.

Usually, the engineer’s profile has stood out for being a person with high technical knowledge who, once they finished their university education, continued to develop this knowledge within the branch of engineering. Now, due to the market tendency to look for multidisciplinary teams, we can increasingly see technical profiles managing large teams and projects.

Doing an MBA to complete the curriculum and learn management and finance techniques is the perfect solution for engineers looking to be more competitive in the labor market.

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What kind of skills does an MBA provide?

Business schools offer programs with a strong focus on team management, leadership, creativity and finance. These aspects will help engineers develop essential skills for the new job market.

  • Leadership skills: developing leadership skills is essential to foster conflict resolution and decision-making abilities.
  • HR management: in an MBA you learn methods and techniques to organize teams, placing each member in the optimal position to develop their skills to the maximum.
  • Entrepreneurship: one of the key activities learned in an MBA is to carry out entrepreneurial projects. Students learn mechanisms and techniques to understand, analyze the market and develop in this type of context.
  • Financial skills: to manage a project, especially in the management role, it is necessary to know the costs of materials and equipment and to be familiar with calculating productivity and costs, in order to value projects accurately.

Which aspects of MBAs are helpful for engineers??

  • Curriculum upgrade

Adding an MBA to your resume will help you enhance your CV and open many more doors in a job market that relies on versatility and multidisciplinary teams.

  • Networking

Normally in MBAs you make a multitude of contacts among your classmates and even with professors, which can be very useful in the future.

  • You lose the fear towards entrepreneurship

It provides you with the necessary knowledge to assess the feasibility of the project and minimize the risks to take the leap to your project.

  • Teamwork skills development

Nowadays teamwork is essential in any project, as well as it is essential that the person in charge is able to direct efforts and time to each task to maintain motivation, productivity and achieve good results.

  • You learn to manage all areas of a business.

Having basic knowledge to deal with financial accounts, teamwork and marketing is necessary, even if you are not the director of the company. This knowledge will enable you to detect when something is going wrong.

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