Master in International
Agribusiness Management

Be the Agri-leader the sector needs

The Master in International Agribusiness Management is a full-time course designed for graduates and professionals with an interest in international agribusiness. The programme offers students the opportunity to learn from leading professionals in the sector.

MIAM represents the international focus of ISAM; an international business school with international students learning in the global agricultural hub of Almería (Spain).

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Share a classroom with the leaders of tomorrow and transform the agricultural world.


11 months




Almería (Spain)


Full time


In person

Start date

September 2024


If you want to start your own company, take your current company to the next level or start your international career in the agricultural sector those are the main skills where you need to succeed.

Strategy in the agri business world

  • Agri-strategy
  • Strategic analysis, positioning and implementation
  • Analysis of strategies in the agri sector
  • Control Management in agri companies

Sustainability, agri-challenges & Solutions

  • Sustainability in the company’s strategy
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in the agri sector

Finance & Accounting in the agribusiness world

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Accounting applied to the Agricultural Sector
  • Corporate Finance & Practical Cases

Agri-Marketing & Sales

  • Strategic Marketing in Agricultural companies
  • Media planning & branding
  • Digital Marketing in Agri Companies
  • Commercializacion & Internationalization


  • Global Agricultural Models
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Aquaculture
  • Horticulture

Operations & Supply Chain in the agri sector

  • Operations Management
  • Agro-logistics
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Quality management
  • Purchasing
  • Cost & Productivity


  • Start-up creation
  • Strategy and Business Plan
  • Business Pitch

Only in this MBA

Smart Agro & Tech

  • Introduction to Technology & Digitalization
  • Corporate Software selection criteria
  • Digital Transformation in the agricultural sector

Only in this MBA

Leadership Skills & Career Development

  • Change Acceleration Process
  • Transversal Skills & Birkman Model
  • Talent &Team Management
  • Negotiation & Persuasion

Agri Innovation

  • Innovation
  • Agile methodologies
  • Product development
  • Entrepreneurship

Only in this MBA

Extra Contents

  • Coaching Program: Career Development
  • Job Search Strategy: Employability Skills, Interviews with headhunters

Only in this MBA

Individual thesis

The student will prepare an individual project to create a new company or business. You can also focus on developing and improving an existing company or one of its departments.

Final Team Project

In groups, the student will prepare a consulting project with their classmates about a real case for a company in the sector. There will be different meeetings with executives from the chosen company. Students will be graded by a panel of experts.

Mandatory Internship

The student will carry out an internship in a company with a minimum duration of 6 weeks. This experience will allow the student to get experience first-hand in the agricultural sector.

MIAM Students

MIAM students are graduates and professionals with a desire to learn from the world’s leading agribusiness thinkers and a willingness to commit to a full-time study programme.

Open-minded leaders wanting to develop their careers within a multicultural environment. Studying in Almería, one of the main agricultural hubs in the world, students will gain an international perspective of the sector.


Average age

28 years on average

Average Work experience

4.5 years of professional experience on average


Spain, Greece, Germany, Italy, Albania, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Mexico, Honduras, Chile, Lebanon…


77% of MIAM students


"MIAM introduced me to the company I work for. This program has helped me achieve everything I have now!"
Myrto Tsiana
Comercialization Department of ZOI agrícola, MIAM I Edition
"MIAM is giving me a kick-start opportunity to start my career in the Agribusiness sector and is providing me with a huge agri-network."
Paul Giesebrecht
Supply Chain Operations & Sustainable Procurement at EY, MIAM I Edition


Flavio Alzueta

Sustainable Food Supply & ESG, Head

Isabel Cayuela

Global Head of Crop Marketing & Strategy

Roberto Vega

(Ex) Global Head of Value Chain

Adelina Salinas

Adelina Salinas

Sales Director

Danny O’Brien

Managing Director EMEA & Global Programs

Companies of the ISAM Ecosystem

Global Agricompanies trust ISAM:

  • Sending their top-management professionals to teach at ISAM.
  • Sending their employees to study with us: junior, medium and high management.
  • Hiring our ISAM graduates.
  • Working on consulting, mini challenges and real cases with our students.


Our specialized & private Master’s degree program guides students on an exciting and intensive learning journey towards achieving their career goals.

Total tuition fee: 21,000 €

The fees for the ISAM MIAM Program cover tuition, course materials, on-campus IT services and more*.

*Accommodation and living expenses are not included.


Fill in the online admission form.

Pay the €90 admission fee.

Upload the following documents through the online application portal:

  • CV
  • Motivation Letter
  • Bachelor Degree Title (if you are in the last year of your degree, you can provide your academic records)
  • Transcript of Records
  • Proof of English (if applicable)
  • Scanned copy of ID Card or Passport
  • Passport-size photo

Bachelor degree

In order to apply to the MIAM program candidates need to have finished or be in the last year of a Bachelor’s Degree program.

It is also possible to apply to the MIAM program if the candidate does not have a bachelor degree but has more than 5 years of professional experience.

If you are currently studying the last year of your Bachelor’s Degree you will need to finish your university studies and obtain your final diploma before the beginning of the program.

Proficiency in English

If you do not have your English results at the time of admission, you will be required to provide them two months before the program starts. Admission without an official English certificate will be considered conditional until the certificate is provided.

The English certificate Scores are:

  • TOEFL IBT: 70
  • CAE: C1
  • IELTS: 6
  • PTE: 50

*Applicants whose mother tongue is English do not need to present the English certificate.

*Applications that have completed their full Bachelor’s Degree at an English-speaking university must submit written evidence that the language of instruction of their studies was English.


In order to be considered as a candidate for the Master in International Agribusiness Management, it is imperative that you upload your CV. This document serves as a crucial component of your application, allowing the admissions committee to gain valuable insights into your academic and professional background, as well as your qualifications and experiences relevant to the field of agribusiness management. By submitting your CV, you enable us to assess your potential as a candidate and make a well-informed decision regarding your eligibility for this prestigious program. We look forward to reviewing your application and getting to know you better through your CV.

Motivation Letter

Your motivation letter is an essential element of the application process, as it provides you with an opportunity to articulate your passion for agribusiness, your career aspirations, and your reasons for seeking admission into this program. This letter allows the admissions committee to gain a deeper understanding of your personal and professional motivations, helping us assess your suitability for our program. We eagerly await your motivation letter to learn more about your goals and aspirations in the field of agribusiness management and to consider you as a potential candidate for this esteemed program.


Upload a copy of your passport as part of the application process. Your passport serves as an essential document for verifying your identity and ensuring that all necessary administrative requirements are met for international students. Please ensure that the passport copy provided is clear and up-to-date, as it will facilitate the application review process and help us proceed with your candidacy for MIAM.


A professional picture is valuable for us to recognize and connect a face with your application, enhancing the overall completeness of your submission. We kindly request that the photograph is clear, well-lit, and presents you in a professional manner, as it will be an important part of your application package for the Master in International Agribusiness Management program at ISAM.

After submitting all your documents you will be contacted for an interview, which is a mandatory requirement for your admission.

The Admissions Committee will select the candidates based on their profile and their performance during the admissions interview.

Once the application is completed, the admission resolution will be sent to the candidate within a maximum of 2 weeks.

Registration must be paid within one week after your admission. The payment of the confirmation deposit (1500€) is essential in order to reserve your place.

Students will need to follow the payment calendar. All the payments from the student to ISAM Education will be made through Stripe or Flywire.

We understand that the financial situation of every student is different, please contact your admissions advisor for more information about payment plans.

One payment – 5% discount FINAL TUITION FEE.

Three monthly payments without interest.

All payments must be completed before the start date of the program.

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