Sharing Values.

Redesign the future of Agri Food world.

The School

ISAM emerged out of a deep knowledge of global agriculture and the recognition of the need to establish an international business school sensitive to the values underpinning the sector. 

From Almería

The school aims to facilitate the training needs of international agriculture now and into the future. Founded in Almería, ISAM leverages its position at the heart of the global food supply chain to offer leading master’s degrees in agribusiness.

Food security is not a game

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Choose your way

Do you want to become an essential professional in a constantly growing sector? Do you want to start an agricultural startup? Get the skills you need to develop your projects with us.

A generation
of game changers

As demand for food increases, the world is facing limited natural resources and climate change. To feed all of humanity, a 50% increase in the production of food and other agricultural products will be necessary between 2012 and mid-century. This increase must be carried out in a sustainable way.

A unique

The teaching methodology is adapted to the needs of the new digital era and supervised by international leaders in the agricultural sector. We are the center that connects the academic world with the professional world.

From the main agricultural hub in Europe

ISAM was born in Almería, the main agricultural hub in Europe, which maintains an agricultural model based on high technical and economic performance.

There are around 400 agricultural companies in the area, which register an approximate turnover of 4,500 million euros per year.


Masters in Agribusiness

Dare to Matter

Our Master’s degrees train you to act and think differently. It challenges you to mark a before and after in the agricultural sector.

Unparalleled training, supervised by executives from the main organizations in the sector and reputable business schools. The new hybrid methodology will allow you to distribute the effort in person and digitally.

A new beginning

Open Knowledge

We are building a library of agribusiness knowledge open to everyone.

At ISAM we are committed to our environment and give a voice to those professionals who abide by standars of sustainable practices and act as drivers of change in the sector.

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