Master in International
Agribusiness Management

Learn to lead
International Agribusiness

The Master in International Agribusiness Management is a full-time  course designed for graduates and professionals with an interest in international agribusiness. The programme offers students the opportunity to learn from leading professionals in the sector.

MIAM represents the international focus of ISAM; an international business school with international students  learning in the global agricultural hub of Almería (Spain).

Stay ahead of your generation

Studying in one of the world’s leading agricultural hubs, you will receive a practical, hands-on education with a strong focus on agritech, marketing, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Share a classroom with the leaders of tomorrow and transform the agricultural world.


11 month




Almería (Spain)


Full time


In person

Start date

September 2022


“Global demand for food is increasing rapidly, with rural migration, population growth, and rising incomes all potentiating this increase. Yet global food supply is facing deflationary pressures in the form of declining natural resources, climate change, and disease. The world’s population is forecast to increase to ~9.8 billion by 2050. In order to meet the growing nutritional demands of humanity, a 50% rise in the production of food and other agricultural products will be required.” FAO

Where we are going

Jobs are changing. The professions of the future have already reached the most traditional sectors.

The future is no longer uncertain when you start building it. ISAM provides the needed ecosystem to forge the generation of leaders who want to carry the weight of their generation.

If we don’t change, we don’t evolve, we don’t innovate; we are intended to fail.

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