Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions contained on the present Legal Notice regulate the use of the Web Site www.isam.education (from now on, the “Web Site”) that the International School of Agri Management S. L (from now on, ISAM), with a domicile in Almeria, España, Avda. De la Innovación, 15. 04131. Almería. and NIF B-04896452 disposes to Users which access to its Web Site (from now on, “the User” or “Users”) with the finality of proportionating them information about their services and the offered products corresponding to third enterprises of the financial and an insurer sector, as well as for enabling the hiring of those services and/or products. If you desire to contact with ISAM, you can use the postal address above-stated, or if you prefer, through the email info@isam.education.

The use of the Web Site by the Users implies the acceptance of all the conditions included in this Legal Notice and the Terms and Conditions.

The Users must read carefully the Legal Notice and the Terms and Conditions present in the Web Site any occasion when you propose to use it since it can cause modifications without previous notice.

Some services of the Web Site accessible for the Users are subjected to general conditions of hiring, particular conditions, regulations and instructions that, in its case, substitute, complete and/or modify the present terms and conditions, and that they will be accepted by the Users before doing the provision of the corresponding service.

The access and/or the usage of those services and contents express the entire and unconditional acceptance of the particular conditions in the published version by ISAM in the moment when it is produced the access, hiring and/or usage.

It is possible that along with the provision of the services included in the Web Site, the name of the dominion can be modified beneath which those services are provided. Therefore, Users know and accept that possibility, remaining in that case completely current the accepted obligations by the User and ISAM in function of what it is established in this document.

Registration on the web site and password (In the website o in the admission portal)

The hiring of the Provided Services and the products offered through the Web Site requires the previous registration of Users, for that it will be solicited the election of a password which permits the personal identification of the User. Relative to the solicitude and the treatment of the data of personal basis by the hand of ISAM will be subjected to the established in the Privacy Policy.

Through the registration, it is acquired a User identification that will be the chosen email and password, generated by the User itself during the registration process. That password will be personal and untransferable, not being permitted the cession, not even temporal, to third persons. In that sense, Users are compromised to make a diligent use and to maintain in secret the chosen password to access the Web Site and/or the services it proportionates. In the supposing case that the Users know or suppose the lose, steal or use of their password by third persons, they will have to put that circumstance to the attention of ISAM promptly.

It is recommended that Users modify their password periodically. The User will custody with the right diligence that password and will be responsible for any use and access to it by non-authorised persons. ISAM will not solicit at any case, whether through email or other, that the Client informs about the password which permits the access to the services of the Web Site by the User. The User is obliged to not communicate to third persons the password. Each User will respond on the costs and damages occasioned by the usage of the services by any third person who uses to the effect the password thanks to the non-diligence usage or the lose of those by the User.

Once registered, the User can receive an alphanumeric code in the email that he/she has facilitated for his/her registration. That code will have as objective to verify your identity when you want to hire one of the services or offered products through the Web Site, to its end, whenever you want to do that hiring, you will be required to facilitate that code.

To obtain more information about the use and functioning of the Web Site, consult the Terms and Conditions of the Web Site.

Request for recruitment:

Whenever a User desires to solicit the recruitment of the service/product through the Web Site, he or she will have to complement a questionary in which it is required to fill in a series of personal information to evaluate the user profile for a posterior segmentation and study of those, all of that in accordance to what it is established in the Terms and Conditions of the Web Site.

Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility:

ISAM reserves the right of interrupting the access to the Web Site, as well as the provision of any or all contents provided through it at any time and without notice, whether because of technical, security, control, maintenance motives, electric supply fails or due to any other funded cause.          
As a consequence, ISAM will not guarantee the assurance, the disponibility nor the continuity of the Web Site nor the contents, thus its usages by Users is conducted by own account and risk, without that, at any moment, can demand responsibilities due to discontinuity or failure to disponibility of its services.
ISAM  will not be responsible in the case that it exists services interruptions, delays, mistakes, bad functioning and, in general, an inconvenience which have its origin on causes which scape of the control of ISAM and/or due to a painful or negligence actuation of Users and/or due to Major Forces causes. Without any injure included on the 1105 article of the Civil Code, it will be understood to be included in the concept of Major Force, also, and to the effects of the present general conditions, all those situations not under the control of ISAM such as fail of thirds, operators or service companies, Govern acts, lack of access to the ISAM social media, acts or omissions of the Public Authorities, those other produced as a consequence of natural phenomenon, blackouts, etc. and the attack of hackers, crackers or any other to the security or integrity of the informatics system. In any case, whatever the cause, ISAM will not assume any responsibility whether direct or indirect hurts, emergent hurt and/or outgoing profit.

ISAM excludes any responsibility due to damages of all nature which can be done to failure of veracity, exactness, exhaustivity and/or actualisation of the transmitted, defunded, stored, disposed and received contents, obtained or which were accessed through the Web Site, neither given or offered contents by third persons or entities. ISAM will try, as far as possible, to actualise and rectify that information saved on the Web Site which does not fulfil the minimum guarantees of veracity. Nevertheless, It will be exonerated from responsibility due to not-actualisation or rectification as well as contents and information storage inside it.

ISAM does not respond to the information content collected on the Web Site, as well as those opinions, comments, appreciations or any other manifestation collected in it that are not directly emitted by ISAM.

ISAM excludes any responsibility to damages of all classes which can be made to the presence of a virus or other harmful in the contents which can produce an alteration of the informatics systems, along with the documents or the systems collected in there.

ISAM does not respond to the contents, whatever they were, that Users send ISAM through the Web Site, through email messages or by any other device, being, thus, imputable to Users any dominant responsibility of the sent contents.
ISAM does not respond to the Users usage they will do of the content of the Web Site, nor their passwords, along with any other material contained on the Web Site, which can suppose a violation of any type of norm, national or international, of the rights of intellectual or industrial property or any other right of thirds. At the same way, it does not respond to possible security mistakes which could be produced due to the fact of using non-actualised navigator versions, or due to consequences which could derive on the bad navigator functioning, whether due to inadequate configuration, a presence of an informatics virus or any other cause alien to ISAM.

Links to third parties (outgoing links)

The access service to the Web Site can include technique devices of link, directories and even searching browsers which permits the access to Web sites of the Internet (from now on, “Linked websites”)

In the hypothetic case in which Users consider that it exists a linked website with illicit or inadequate contents they can communicate so to ISAM through the contact direction signed in the first paragraph of this Legal Notice, indicating:

Communicant: name, direction, phone number, email direction.

A description of the facts which reveal the illicit or inadequate basis of the Linked Website.

An expressed declaration that the contained information in the communication is exact.

In any case, the existence of Linked Websites must presuppose the existence of agreements with its responses or holders, nor the recommendation, promotion or identification of ISAM with the manifestations, contents or provided services.

ISAM does not know the contents and services of the Linked Websites and therefore it does not respond to damages produced by illicitly, quality, non-actualisation, non-disponibility, mistake or inutility of the contents and/or services of the Linked Websites nor any other damage which is not directly imputable to ISAM.

If Users decide to visit and/or use any of the Linked Websites, they will do so on their own risk, and they will have to take the opportune protection measures against virus or other harmful elements.

To obtain more information on the use and functioning of outgoing links to thirds, consult the Terms and Conditions of the Web Site.

Links to the Web Site (inbound links)

It is not authorised to thirds to introduce links from their web pages to the Web Site except by express consent of ISAM. In case that a third is authorised to use a link, this use will be done respecting the limitations and finalities presented in the proper authorisation and the Terms and Conditions of the Web Site.

Intellectual and industrial property:

The totality of the contents in the Web Site, understanding that those at the enunciative title of the texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links, domains, brands and any other audiovisual or audial contents, as well as its graphic design and source codes, are exclusively propriety of ISAM of thirds, whose rights, in that case, recognise ISAM, and they are subjected to intellectual and industrial property protected by national and international legislation.  

It is prohibited any usage of any of the elements object to industrial and intellectual property with any kind of finality, especially commercial, as well as its reproduction, distribution, public communication, modification, alteration, transformation or decompilation, except expressed written authorisation by the handler and without injury to what it is established in the Terms and Conditions.

Privacy policy and data protection of personal nature:

Any information of personal nature that Users facilitate during the use of the Web Site will be treated according to our Privacy Policy on the web. 

Consent for the sending of commercial communications can be revocated by the User at any moment via ISAM petition, through the direction collected at the beginning of this clause, or either through the email direction info@isam.education

Users must read and accept that Privacy Policy before facilitating their personal information to ISAM.