Terms & Conditions


1. The Ownership of the Site

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF AGRI MANAGEMENT S.L. (hereinafter, “ISAM”), with registered office at Avda. Montserrat, Pl. Carlos Cano nº 5, 1º C, Edif. Brisas. 04006. Almería. And NIF B-04896452 makes available to the user who access its Web Site (hereafter, the “User” or “Users”) to provide information to them on its services and the products offered corresponding to financial and insurer third parties, as well as the possibility of contracting those services and/or products. If you wish to contact ISAM, you can use the postal address above, or if you prefer, you can send an e-mail to administracion@isam.education. 

ISAM is the incumbent company of the website www.isam.education (hereafter, the “Web Site”). The term “Web Site” refers and includes both the visible part during the navigation (the public domain) and any zone or navigation privately owned (uniquely visible for Registered Users, the term will be defined subsequently). Thus, the present terms and conditions regulate the conditions applied to the navigation of the users in the Web Site.

ISAM makes this Web Site available for the users for providing useful information of the activities and services offered by the enterprise and to permit the buying/deposit payments of the programs offered at any moment through the Web Site (hereafter, the “Program/s”).

The user (hereafter, “The User” or “Users”) is defined as the person who interacts in the Web Site like (i) a student who has bought some of the Programs (ii) a registered user, but who has not bought any program, or (iii) a user who navigates in the Web Site. The first two mentioned users (i) and (ii) will be identified also in these terms and conditions with the registered user denomination (hereafter, the “Registered User/s”).

To be a User implies the acceptance to these terms and conditions (hereafter, the “Terms and Conditions”) which expressly regulate the contractual relationships happened between ISAM and the thirds who contract product or services offered in the Web Site.

2. Object and Field of the application

Hereunder, we will describe the conditions which regulate the Programs acquisition through the Web Site and the obligations and rights derived from the subscription from these services.

The acquisition of these Programs should be effectuated following the instructions mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, as well as any other specific conditions indicated on display during the navigation or any other method so that the Registered User declares to know and accept those procedures as necessaries to have access to the services and/or programs offered in the Web Site.

3. Responsabilities

The User should be responsible for:

● All those acts which contravene what it is disposed of in these Terms and Conditions, Legal Notice, and Privacy Policy, the law, the moral, the practices generally accepted and the public order.

● Any act done in a different way than what it was designated by ISAM in its indications or instructions about the usage of the Web Site and the Program buying.

● The certainty, exactitude, validity and actualisation of the data filled in each one of the formularies that ISAM exposes on the Web Site.

● The direct or indirect liquidated damages caused by any third if the User lost, revealed, neglected or, in any way, let a third to provoke damages, interruptions, inefficiencies or defects in its functioning.

● To use the Website in a way which can provoke damages, interruptions, inefficiencies or defects in its functioning.

● The correct custody of your passwords and credentials, whom you can not share with any other person at any moment.

● To use the Web Site for the transmission, installation or the publishing of any kind of virus, malicious code or other prejudicial programs or files.

● To use the Web Site to collect personal data of other users.

● To alter or modify, totally or partially, the Web Site, eluding, deactivating or manipulating in any other way its functions and services.

● To access, or to try to access, without the authorisation of any section of the Web Site, to other systems or networks connected to the Web Site, to the ISAM servitors, or to the services offered through the Web Site by pirating, counterfeiting, passwords extraction or any other illegitimate means.

● To infringe, or to try to infringe, the security or authentication measures of the Web Site or any other net connected to it, or the security or protection measures inherent to the contents offered in the Web Site.

● To reproduce, copy, distribute, permit the access to the public through any public communication modality, to transform or modify the contents, unless it is accepted the headline authorisation of the corresponding rights or it is legally permitted.

● To transmit or spread information, data, contents, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any obscene, offensive, vulgar material or that it can induce conflictive, denigratory, defamatory, infamous, violent actions or, in general, against to the law, the moral, the good habits generally accepted or the public order.

● To vulnerate the intellectual or industrial property rights belonging to ISAM or third parties, for instance, by distributing or exploiting in any way the contents obtained through the Programs.

● To make fraudulent transactions or that may facilitate illicit or fraudulent conducts of any kind and to employ the contents and services and, in particular, the information of any class obtained through the Web Site with any kind of public purpose and, especially, to remit advertisement, non-solicited individualised messages or geared towards a plurality of people, as well as to commercialise or divulge in any way that information.

● To impersonate another person or user in the usage of the Web Site.

● The recruitment processes and applications that the user can enjoy, without the process of the programs, suppose any guarantee concerning the User hiring.

In all these referred cases, unrelated to the control and the due diligence by ISAM, there will not be a place for ISAM compensation at the user by liquidated damages, in the measure permitted in the current legislation. On the contrary, the User will be liable for all the liquidated damages of any nature that ISAM may suffer as a consequence for the breach of any of the obligations that are imposed on the User.

On its behalf, ISAM will not be liable for any liquidated damages that the bad use of the Web Site and its content may cause to the User or a third person, by non-imputable causes to ISAM. Particularly, ISAM expressly excludes from the provision of its services the following guarantees and responsibilities:

● ISAM reserves the right of eliminating any content which may damage its image, can cause a commercial detriment and can attend against the dignity of the community members or any other affected people.

● ISAM reserves the right of interrupting the access to the Web Site, as well as the provision of some or all services provided through it, at any moment and without previous notice, either because of technique, control, maintenance reasons or due to any other based cause. Consequently, ISAM does not guarantee the availability nor the continuance of the Web Site or the Programs or contents, so that their usage is carried out by the Web Site Users own risk.

● ISAM does not respond for the liquidated damages of any nature which may derive from the technique availability and continuance of the Web Site functioning. In any case, ISAM will accomplish all the necessary actions to reestablish its services in case of technical problems.

● ISAM will put all the means at its disposal to protect the data located in its servitors. In case that any physic or juridic person access to these data licitly or illicitly and make an improper use of this information, he/she would comply with the current legal normative.

● ISAM will not be responsible for the liquidated damages of any nature which can derive from the content, pieces of information, advertising, opinions, concepts access and the images facilitated by the Users or third persons who were against to the law, the moral, the good faith and the public order, or which infringe the intellectual or industrial property rights or which can contain vices, defects or informatic virus or similar software routine.

In any case, ISAM does not assume responsibilities for the contents and information unrelated or the WebSite that are not managed by it. ISAM is not aware of contents located on the Web Site that were against the law, the moral, the good faith, and the public order, or which infringe the intellectual or industrial property rights or which can contain vices, defects or informatic virus or similar software routine.

● ISAM is not responsible for the liquidated damages which can derive from the awareness which may have third parties non-authorised of the users’ data, nor the use they make to the Web Site through these data.

● ISAM may advertise publicity spaces (banners, sponsorship) or make arrangements in the Web Site. In the case that the advertising or collaborators enterprises collect personal data from users (through a link or a specific registration developed for that effect), those enterprises will be the responsible for accomplishing the data protection normative.

● ISAM is not responsible for the infringement of discount or promotions advertisements by enterprises, brands, institutions and the rest of entities for profit or not who decide to announce on the Web Site. Those enterprises and entities will be responsible for accomplishing with those promotions and discounts, ISAM not being responsible for the damages that the non-compliance of those promotions and discounts may cause to Users.

4. Intellectual and Industrial Property

All the contents shown on the Web Site and, especially, videos, designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, commercial names, brands, or any other signs susceptible for generating intellectual, industrial property or the own image, are held by ISAM, or by third parties that an agreement has been reached for its exploit.

In any case, the access, navigation and usage of the Web Site and/or Program performance by a user will be understood as a resignation, a transmission, license or total or partial cession of those rights by ISAM. The User provides a content and/or services use right of the Web Site in a strictly domestic ambience.

All kind of references to brands or commercial names registered, or other distinctive signs, either hield by ISAM or by third enterprises, in whose case they are licensed to ISAM for its usage and/or exploit, carry out the prohibition on its usage without ISAM consent or its legit titulars. In any moment, except manifestation which expresses the contrary, the access, navigation or usage of the Web Site and/or its contents, confers to the User any right on distinctive signs in it.

Are reserved all the Intellectual and Industrial property rights on the contents and/or services of the Web Site and the programs and, particularly, it is forbidden to modify, copy, reproduce, publicly communicate, make it available, transform or distribute, by any means and under any form the Web Site and/or the totality or partiality of the contents included on the Web Site, including in an enunciative way, not taxative, texts, images, brands, graphic, logotypes, buttons, software files, colour combinations, as well as the structure, selection, ordination and presentations of its contents, without any damage to the rights that third parties may have to any element which integrate the content. All of it, without the damage of counting on previous, expressed and written authorisation of ISAM or, in its case, of the holder of the corresponding rights. Besides, and due to security reasons, it not permitted to use “frames” or mechanisms which may alter or vary the design, original configuration or contents of the Web Site.

None of the contents hosted on the Web Site can be downloaded, reproduced or used, in any other device or place different from the Web Site, unless it has been habilitated the means to do so by ISAM.

The relationship between the professors or interviewed persons (“Interviewees”) who appear on videos or formative materials of the Programs will be the object of a private contract between ISAM and these interviewees. Thus, within the limits of those contracts, ISAM has subscribed how many authorisations and rights cessions of Intellectual and Industrial property derived from the providing of the Interviewees services, as well as the fact that ISAM is authorised for the own image rights exploitation of the Interviewees.

If the user becomes aware of the existence of any content that is illicit, illegal, contrary to the law, security breach or that could involve an infringement of intellectual and/or industrial property rights, he/she must immediately notify ISAM through the e-mail address administracion@isam.education so that it can proceed to the adoption of the appropriate measures. ISAM will verify this report as soon as possible, and it will adopt the measures it considers opportune.

Likewise, in the event that any User or a third party considers that any of the contents of the Website violates their intellectual and/or industrial property rights, as well as any other rights, they must send a communication to administracion@isam.education with the following information:

● Identification data and a contact method of the claimant or his/her legal representant.

● Documentation which credits his/her holder condition of the rights allegedly infringed.

● A detailed account on the rights allegedly infringed by ISAM, as well as its exact location on the Web Site.

● An expressed declaration by the claimant hand that the usage of the contents has been realised without the holder consent of the rights allegedly infringed.

5. Disclaimer of Liability

The programs are not recognised by any public institution nor entity. ISAM does not guarantee that those entail an augmentation of the contraction possibilities of the User, salary increments or other professional improves, nor the fact that the performance of the programs or the provision of its contents would be done in a non-stop and indefinite way in the time or that the participation of the programs does not suppose a discredit of any kind for the user. Unless the established in the present document and, to the extent permitted by law, all the subsequent guarantees, expressed or implicit, legal or another kind, included, but not limited to those, implicit guarantees of the programs, quality and adequation for a particular purpose by the user, are excluded by ISAM. Thus, Neither ISAM nor any of its workers, associates, collaborators or interviewees will be responsible for any damage, incidental or consequential, nor the loss of opportunities, benefits, contracts, the data loss, the cost of those data recuperation, nor the lack of accuracy, usage, or the information and/or contents incorrectness received by the user.

6. Privacy Policy.

Any personal data that the Users facility during the use of the Web Site will be treated following our Privacy Policy.

7. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

The hiring of any service and/or Program through the Web Site will be ruled by the Spanish legislation, that will be applied in the disposed in these Terms and Conditions in terms of interpretation, validity and execution.

In case that any kind of disagreement or reclamation is produced between the parts, concerning the fulfilment or the content of the present Terms and Conditions, the parts will negotiate in good faith to try to solve that disagreement or reclamation within one month at most, counting as of the date where one part formally notify the occurring discrepancy to the other, or where the reclamation is notified.

All the same, for the assumption that the disagreement or the reclamation is not resolved within the signalled deadline and only on those cases in which the normative would provide for the possibility of submitting the parts to a jurisdiction, ISAM and the User, with an expressed waiver to any jurisdiction that may correspond them, they submit the decision of the case raised in the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Almería (Spain).

8. Access and Admission requirements

ISAM own titles:

Own Master degrees by ISAM, both face-to-face and online:

Access and Admission. The title of the own Master degree would require as a previous requirement to hold an official University degree (graduate, licentiate, engineer, architect, certified, technique engineer, technique architect) or an equivalent. Or 5 years of demonstrable previous experience working in the sector.

The graduates following the educative systems unrelated to the European Higher Education Area can also access the own masters without the need of an homologation of their degrees, previous verification of the University which may credit a formation level equivalent to the corresponding Official Spanish University degrees and authorising in the issuing country of the degree for the access to post-degree teachings. The access through this method will not imply, in any case, the previous homologation degree whose the interest may hold nor its recognition to other effects unrelated to the act of coursing the corresponding own degree.

Additionally, it should be revised the admission requirements which may be established by ISAM in each program. 

Interested ones attending a University degree

If the interested one is coursing the last year of the required degree to access the master, he/she should solicit his/her admission and, if he/she is admitted, that admission and possible posterior registration on the master would have a conditional nature and they could only be effected in the case he/she should credit the holding of that degree within fifteen (15) days before the beginning date of the master. To credit so, he/she should deliver the original or the support of the emission solicitude of the bachelor degree or an equivalent one, along with the accreditation document of the payment liquidation of the degree emission rights.

The candidates in this situation should be aware of the fact that having been previously informed, either in the present General Conditions and in an explicit communication to the effect which is sent to them during the admission solicitude, if they initiate the admission process and they are admitted, and unfortunately, they can not credit in time and form the degree obtention, they can not reconsider their decision nor be in any case reimbursed except if they achieve the abandonment in time and form. Likewise, in the case of soliciting the discharge, they will be under the application of the conditions established in the corresponding paragraph of these General Conditions of Contratation.

Interested ones without a University Degree.

Those interested who do not have the required access qualification and who pass the admission process may enroll in an ISAM master’s degree if they have or complete 5 years of work experience during the course.

For the admission solicitude evaluation, the candidates should pay the amount fixed in the concept of the admission rights and accept the present General Conditions. The amount fixed in the concept of the admission rights for this academic course is ninety euros (90,00 €)

*The Application Fee is €90. If you fulfill the admission requirements and you are not admitted into the program this amount will be returned.

ISAM degrees:

(Certifies issued by ISAM):

Executive formation

Due to the specific nature of these programs, the access and admission requirements for each of them will be established on the specific conditions of each program.

The candidates who do not hold the university degree required for the access to university degrees on master or post-grade can access those programs as long as they accomplish with the required admission requirements and when they exceed the admission process to any of the higher programs which were interesting for them.

It should be taken into account that once this option is picked up, which does not allow the obtention of any degree with university sanction, the admitted candidate already registered, because of being informed before the process beginning, he/she will not be able to return in the process; if he/she decides to be discharged, will be applied to them the conditions which regulate the discharge of the present General Conditions.

For the admission solicitude evaluation, the candidates should pay the amount fixed in the concept of the admission rights and accept the present General Conditions.

*The Application Fee is €90. If you fulfill the admission requirements and you are not admitted into the program this amount will be returned.

Improvement courses, seminars, conferences and workrooms

Due to the specific nature of these programs, the admission and access requirements of each one, in case they are needed, will be established by ISAM independently.

For the admission solicitude evaluation, the candidates should pay the amount fixed in the concept of the admission rights and accept the present General Conditions. 

*The Application Fee is €90. If you fulfill the admission requirements and you are not admitted into the program this amount will be returned.

Access to the platform, attendance at the “induction day” or welcome day or attendance at the first class of the master’s degree will imply tacit acceptance of the terms and conditions of ISAM, as well as the budget provided in the admission letter. It is not possible to cancel your application to the program at this stage.

Access to the ISAM Ambassador Scholarship: In order to be eligible for the ISAM Ambassador Scholarship, the student must meet the specific requirements of each call for applications and submit an essay on the topic proposed in that edition.

Acceptance of the scholarship will involve the signing of a bilateral contract between ISAM and the student, which will detail the tasks and objectives to be fulfilled, which will involve a dedication of 15 hours per week.

9. Modification, voluntary withdrawal, resignation and automatic registration cancellation. Reincorporation.

9.1 Modification

The time limit to present a modification solicitude of the registration (the program or modality changing) can not exceed in any case fifteen (15) days from the program beginning date. The solicitudes presented outside this time limit will not be admitted for the processing. The solicitude should be presented on paper to the attention of the academic directorship of ISAM. The solicitudes will be evaluated and should be authorised by the corresponding Admissions Committee, who would determine, in each case, the adequacy or the non-adequacy of the change.

When the modification entails an augmentation of the total registration price, the participant should pay the additional price in a unique period. When the modification entails a decrease in the total price of registration, no refund will be made, except if the modification is due to causes attributable to ISAM.

9.2 Withdrawal and Reentry:

A student may retire from the master program at any moment with previous written notification to the Academic Directorship of the school. The student who is retired can return to the program in a posterior date with the condition that he/she should complete its program in the preceding three months to the original date beginning. For reinstatement, an administrative fee of 15% of the total price of the master’s degree will be applied. The student who returns is responsible for any fee inflation since the original subscription until the returning moment. The course options and the study programs will be subjected to space and schedule disponibility. Besides proportioning a written notice to the academic directorship, all the students should meet the CEO before retire (it can be physically or online). 

If the student has a student visa, the retirement from ISAM will invalidate the student visa and will be informed to the immigration authorities.

9.2.1 Reasons for which reincorporation is admitted 

– As long as it is a case of force majeure, with its corresponding justification. This will be raised to the Board where your reincorporation will be decided. 

– At the time of reinstatement, three requirements will be validated and must be satisfactorily met prior to the start of the program: 

a) Economic: Be up to date with all payments and obligations with ISAM.

b) Academic: Comply with the access requirements for the corresponding program. 

c) Behavior: Not to have incurred in serious misconduct as reflected in ISAM’s Code of Conduct. 

9.3. Voluntary discharge

The student who desires to cause a discharge outside the withdrawal time should formally solicit it to ISAM, through a written presented to those effects, to the attention of the Academic Director.

9.4. Job withdrawal or registration cancellation

ISAM will unilaterally resolve the providing services contract that these General Conditions document and proceed to the job withdrawal or registration cancellation in the following cases:

1. Dishonesty or irregularities in the data/documents facilitated, especially in the relatives to the access and admission requirements.

2. Confirmation of the lack of attendance of the access and admission requirements.

3. Failure to present, in time and form, the academic documentation required for the effects (in the cases of the ones admitted in the university masters programs).

4. Failure to pay the full tuition fee on time.

5. Total or partial non-fulfilment of the duties deriving from your student condition and, particularly, the total or partial non-fulfilment of the following obligations, which are proper and applicable to you:

– To actively study and participate in the academic activities which contribute to complete their formation.

– To respect the university community members and the staff of the collaborator entities who serve ISAM or installations habilitated for the academic impartation.

– To care and correctly use the goods, equipments, installations or enclosure of ISAM or those collaborator entities.

– To be absent from the usage or cooperation on fraudulent procedures in the evaluation processes, the works that are made or official documents of ISAM.

– To participate responsibly in the ISAM activities and to cooperate to its normal development.

– To know and to fulfil the norms established on the manual of the students and the rest of the reglementary norms of ISAM, when applicable.

– To know and to fulfil the internal norms on security and health.

– To respect the name, symbols and emblems of ISAM, as well as its right use in all channels, either physically or digitally.

– To respect the academic acts of ISAM, as well as its participants, without prejudice of its free exercise of expression and manifestation.

– To exercise and promote actively the non-discrimination due to birth, racial or ethnic origin, sex, religion, conviction or opinion, age, incapacity, nationality, illness, sexual orientation and gender identity, socioeconomic, idiomatic and linguistic condition, political and sindical affinity, or due to appearance, overweight or obesity, or due to any other condition or personal/social circumstance, of the university community members, the collaboration entities staff or who provide services in ISAM.

– To exercise, in its case, the responsibilities characteristic of the representation charge for what they had been chosen.

– To inform your represented ones of the activities and solutions of the organism you participate, with the reserve and discretion established in those organisms.

– To participate actively and responsibly on the organism meetings for which you had been chosen.

– To contribute to the improvement of the purposes and ISAM functioning.

The performance of any behaviour, expressions and illegal contents, defamatory, offensive or which may attend against the values and the dignity of the people, against the good image and reputation of ISAM, or produced in an environment and space of the institution, either physical or virtual, the social media included.

The unilateral and consequent cancellation of the registration does not imply in any case the refund of the amounts paid.

10. Program cancellation. Modification on the programs start date

10.1. Programs Cancellation

ISAM reserves the right to suspend a program up to one week before its start date and will communicate this to the interested parties, candidates, admitted students or participants.

10.2. Modification on the programs start date

ISAM reserves the right of modifying the start date of a program, having to notify so as soon as possible to the interested ones, candidates, admitted ones or participants.

11. Program Modality

All the ISAM programs will have to accomplish the modality communicated – face-to-face, hybrid or online, while, due to adverse conditions and due to circumstances unrelated to the will of ISAM, they can adapt to other mean to continue the formation as long as the minimum quality requirements are accomplished.

12. Calls, Evaluation and Overcoming

12.1. Calls

The students registered on any of the programs will have at their disposal two ordinary calls of exam/evaluation per subject. Those exam calls will be realised at the rate of one call per academic year for each subject.

It exists the possibility of a third call, extraordinary, that the student should expressly solicit and by hand and should add the documentation which credit the reasons that fundament them. The maximum deadline to solicit this exception will be of fifteen (15) days since the definitive notification of the marks. It is considered a definitive notification date of qualifications, for soliciting a third call, the date where ISAM notifies the student the program closure and the final global mark if it is the case, of apt or non-apt. The application should be sent by e-mail to administracion@isam.education.

12.2. Evaluation

12.2.1. Qualification Systems

The student should be evaluated and marked following what it is specified in the subject Program. The evaluation can be modified in function of the subject.

12.2.2. Qualification Review

The student has the right of having the qualification review facing the teaching staff responsible for the subject or the academic directorship.

This revision will be made in the day and hour indicated by the academic directorship.

12.3. Exceedance

To obtain the degree the tests should be exceeded, as well as to present and pass the works solicited, of conformity with what the Program Guideline disposes (own degrees or own centre degrees).

In the case of the face-to-face or semi face-to-face programs will also require as an imprescriptible requirement to credit the assistance of minimum the 80% of the school sessions of the whole program. The assistance is personal and non transferable and any irregularity in its credit can determine the cancellation or the automatic termination of the program registration.

12.4 Subjects or modules not passed. Second Registration 

The following standards must be met in order to be eligible for a second enrollment for the completion of the programs:

12.4.1 Good standing

The following three conditions must be met:

a) Economic: Be up to date with all payments and obligations with ISAM.

b) Academic: Comply with the access requirements for the corresponding program. 

c) Behavior: Not to have incurred in serious misconduct as reflected in ISAM’s Code of Conduct. 

12.4.2 Second registration cost

The price of the ECTS credit will be proportional to the total price of the program (official p.v.p. published on the ISAM website). 

12.4.3 Administrative Fee 

An administrative fee of 10% of the total number of ECTS enrolled in second enrollment will be applied. 

13. Issuance of Titles and Duplicates

14.1. Own Masters and Postgraduates: The participants who have successfully completed the program in which they have registered have the right of receiving the program degree.


Duplicate proper title 100€

Legalisation of degree or other elements (*) 75€

Sending of own degrees through email 25€

(*) The legalisations solicited outside the deadlines expected will have a superior cost since it should require an individualised service for that solicitude. Please note that the price of this individual legalization must be previously confirmed by the Administration Service (administracion@isam.education).

13.2. Duplicates

13.2.1. Own Masters and postgraduates

The duplicates of these degrees will have an expedition price of a hundred euros (100,00 €).

13.2.3. Licenses

The duplicates of the student licenses or alumni ones will have an expedition price of twenty euros (20,00 €).

14. Personal Data Protection. Image Rights. 

14.1 Data It is accepted the mentioned in the Privacy Policy in this Web.

14.2 Image Rights:

It is expressly authorised to ISAM to fix and reproduce the personal image of the admitted one or the participant/student/pupil, always linked to an academic relationship with ISAM, to promote its academic activities. Such authorization in favor of ISAM shall be extended for the entire period during which the participant/pupil/student acquires the status of former student, and provided that it is not expressly revoked by the same.

15. Drug and Alcohol Policy

ISAM strictly prohibits:

• The possession and/or abuse of drugs or alcohol on school property, or while representing the school;

• The sale or purchase of drugs on school property, or while representing the school;

• Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol on school property, or while representing the School.

This policy applies to all forms of alcohol, illegal drugs, and legal drugs which impair job performance.

This policy is not intended to prohibit the consumption of alcohol in moderation at School-sponsored or authorized functions where alcohol is served.

Students who are suspected of violating this policy may be: placed on disciplinary probation, asked to submit to a drug or alcohol test, or required to participate in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program.

As a condition of continued enrollment at the School, students must agree to abide by this policy. Students who believe they may have a drug or alcohol problem are encouraged to consult the ISAM management team who can provide information on rehabilitation programs or other assistance. All inquiries will be held in strict confidence.

16. Notification for missing student

Process: ISAM requires all students to provide contact information and an emergency contact to the School. Students must identify their contact to de Admission contact. This person will be notified in the event the student is officially reported as missing. ISAM will investigate every report of a missing student and initiate an investigation based on department policy.

If a student for whom a missing person report has been filed has been missing for more than 24 hours, then within the next 24 hours the ISAM will:

• Begin search procedures.

• Notify appropriate law enforcement officials area by going to the police station with a copy of the student’s passport and other relevant documents/information.

Notify the individual identified by the student to be contacted in such circumstances.

The police station will contact the embassy of the student who is missing and will coordinate the search for the student with the embassy. All students should be reported missing to the police station they are registered at.

17. Harassment and Intimidation


ISAM is committed to protecting employees and students and to promoting an atmosphere free from harassment and bullying, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

The School does not discriminate based on race, colour, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, or physical disability in admission to, access to, or treatment in its programs and activities. The School strictly prohibits sexual, racial, and other types of harassment of students, staff, and faculty. Words, gestures, actions, or other behaviour which tends to alarm, intimidate, ridicule, embarrass, or insult individuals, or which tends to create a hostile or abusive environment, will not be tolerated and may subject the individual to dismissal from the School.

What to do if a student is experiencing bullying or harassment

Whenever possible, ISAM encourages students to try to resolve harassment and bullying incidents informally. There may be instances, where due to the incident’s seriousness it would only be appropriate to resolve matters formally.

If the student is comfortable, it is recommended that the student should go and talk to the person concerned and explain to them that their behaviour is causing offence and ask them to stop. It is best to approach the person at the earliest opportunity to prevent the behaviour from escalating.

ISAM encourages students who might be subject to any of the behaviours described above to keep an accurate written record of any incidents. Students should document: date, time and location of the incident, details on the behaviour displayed and information on any witnesses.

18. Sexual Harassment, Assault and Claims Policy

Sexual harassment policy

It is the goal of ISAM to promote an educational environment that is free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment of students occurring on campus, or in other settings in which students may find themselves in connection with their enrollment will not be tolerated. Further, any retaliation against an individual who has complained about sexual or other unlawful harassment, or retaliation against individuals for cooperating with the investigation of a sexual or other unlawful harassment complaint will not be tolerated. No victim of sexual harassment need fear retaliation from the accused or any other member of the ISAM community.

Grievance policy

ISAM is committed to maintaining an environment that is free of discriminatory behaviour and providing equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, colour, religion, national origin, creed, service in the uniformed services (as defined in state and federal law), veteran status, sex, age, political ideas, marital or family status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, genetic information, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

What to do

If you have experienced sexual harassment, assault, misconduct, or discrimination, or are a friend or relative of someone who has, you are encouraged to report incidents to the Programme Coordinator

You are encouraged to report incidences to Programme Coordinator on campus. You may also decide to report it as a crime. You are encouraged to report incidences to Programme Coordinator on campus. You may also decide to report it as a crime. Regardless of whether you choose to seek any or all or none of these resources, you may also file a grievance with ISAM.