1. The School aims to train the future leaders of the world agricultural sector.

2. To improve the development of teaching purposes, the School will make available to students the professors that it considers most suitable and the most appropriate documentation. It will also provide students with reference texts, documentation, bibliography, etc. that as such must be interpreted, without implying commitment to their content.

3. The School will develop the programs, in the form and order of subjects that the Academic Direction deems most timely and convenient for the teaching purpose. The School from the decision of the Academic Direction, reserves the right to change teachers or alter the programming of subjects for the benefit of teaching, or when imponderable circumstances require it.

4. The student’s absence from class must be justified (by presenting the relevant document), determining the cause of the same. The Academic Committee will study and decide, where appropriate, the permanence in the School of that student who exceeds 30% of absences in a module of the Program taught. Or 20% of the total of the complete program.

5. The Academic Direction will determine, and the student will accept the mechanisms to ensure punctuality and control the presence of the student during the school period. The student will accept any decision that the academic direction or person in which this function is delegated to take regarding the permission to enter class when any of these rules is not met, especially in the absence of punctuality of the student.


6. The School will study and decide on the continuity or not of a student, when the student demonstrates non-compliance with the academic discipline due to his / her attitude, disinterest in learning, continued absence mentioned above, non-completion of course work without causes justify, or when criteria of better order and teaching so require. These measures are necessary, mainly, to maintain the training pace and for the benefit of the rest of the students.


7. To begin in the enrolled program it is essential to be aware of the payments due.

8. Punctual payments that may arise from the course development, such as complementary activities, or others, duly justified in your case, are not included in this contract.

9. The Student will reserve his/her place through the payment of the reservation fee indicated for the program in which he/her has registered. Through this initial payment the student commits one of the available places and is forced to the TOTAL payment of the course.

10. International School of Agri Management may not have, under any circumstances, this place reserved by the student. The unavailability will expire on 09/30/2020, the date on which the full payment of the program is not made, the School will understand that the student voluntarily gives up the reservation made. In no case will the student be paid the amount paid as a place reservation or any other concept.


During the admission process, the Student must indicate to the International School of Agri Management the way in which he/SHE will make the total payment of the program in which he has subscribed.


Early Bird single payment:

– Payments made before March 31 – 5%

– Payments made between April 1 and May 30 – 3%

Installment Payments:

– Two payments: June 1 and September 1

– Three payments: June 1, July 15 and September 1

Bonus Training

All payments must be made a maximum of 2 weeks before the start of the course (September 29). International School of Agri Management reserves the right of admission for those students who do not meet payments on time.


IBAN: ES56 3058 0129 3127 2002 3567


CONCEPT: Program XX & Student ID


11. The student consents that the School uses, for academic purposes, all those works carried out during their studies, being able to disseminate their content by mentioning its author. You can also have images in which the student appears performing activities of the School, always for its own purposes.

12. In compliance with current regulations on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data you provide will be treated by International School of Agri Management SL in order to keep you informed about commercial matters and promotions that may be of interest, as well as, carry out the development of profiles for the sending of said promotions. The personal data provided will be kept as long as the relationship is maintained, or its deletion is not requested by the interested party. The legitimacy for the data processing is based on the consent given by the owner who signs. The interested party may exercise the rights of access to their personal data, rectification, deletion (right to be forgotten), limitation of processing, opposition, portability, right not to be subject to individualized decisions, as well as the revocation of the consent given. To do this, you can send a letter to Avda. De la Innovación 15, P.I.T.A. EDIF. PITAGORAS 04131 attaching document proving your identity. In addition, the interested party may contact the competent Data Protection Control Authority to obtain additional information or file a claim.

13. The student will submit for any discrepancy on the content of this contract to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Almería capital, waiving any jurisdiction if it had one.