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At the production level, the model of agricultural exploitation of Almería is of high technical and economic performance. It is based on the rational use of natural resources and the efficient use of plastic greenhouses. Almería has around 32,000 hectares of greenhouse cultivation and 12,000 hectares of outdoor cultivation all set up from the principle of efficiency.

  • Almeria has more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year.Our microclimate is optimal for the cultivation at any time of the year.

Experienced Producers and Certificates

Producers from Almería comply with the Aenor brand certification, which guarantees that products comply with a series of quality protocols, including good agricultural practices, respect for the environment, traceability and social measures. The fulfillment of the norm covers almost all the requirements that the great European distribution demands to fruit and vegetables producers. These standards are complying with the GLOBAL G.A.P. protocol.

It is no coincidence that the UN, in the report issued in 2017 by the Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) called “Wake up before it is too late: Make agriculture truly sustainable now for food security in a changing climate“, chose our model, for the guidelines on which it is governed, as the best way to “feed the world“.


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There are around 400 retailing companies in Almería that register a turnover of approximately 2,500 million Euros and have customers in all European countries. In addition here we have seed houses, nurseries, agricultural supply companies, transport, integrated control and pest control, food safety laboratories, etc., which make us have a complete agricultural supply chain.

A few meters from our campus in Almería you can find the TECNOVA foundation: National Technological Center of the Auxiliary Industry, Post-harvest, Fruit and Vegetable Packaging, composed of more than 120 companies in the sector. The center develops an intense work in R+D, training, promotion and internationalization offering direct and quality services, seeking the continuous improvement of the companies. It works to foster knowledge, development and experience in greenhouse technology in arid climates and participates in research projects that are developed not only in Spain but internationally.

In a context where the world is increasingly globalized, and where international competition is so fierce, ISAM born with a clear vision: to lead, from an international perspective, the training of professionals in the agribusiness sector with a special focus on the leadership, sustainability, management, innovation, efficiency and the use of new technologies in the agricultural sector.

Luís FloresCOO from ISAM


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