Your training center

Your Training Center

ISAM is located in the Pythagoras building located in the Scientific-Technological Park of Almería (PITA). Inside the building, we have the best possible facilities for the development of our training. In the facilities, we have the main office of ISAM, the student’s assistance office, training rooms, study rooms, common areas such as dining room, meeting points and a large auditorium with capacity for more than 230 people.

Within the facilities, more than 80 companies mostly related to the agricultural sector have their headquarters. From start-up to traders, through companies in the auxiliary industry or seed houses, making it an ideal space for networking. There are also weekly events about different themes (agribusiness, technology, etc.) that serve as a complement to the training of our students.

ISAM is just 5 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the city center of Almería. The school has a transport service to cover the daily routes of our students who live in the city.