Cannabis & Agriculture

  • Rony Katz Amichay started her career in the Israeli medical cannabis industry back in its early days in 2010, while leading the operations and sales activities of IMC, one of the first LPs in Israel. Rony grew with the industry and became familiar with it front and back. In 2019, Rony joined Cronos Israel, a subsidiary of the Cronos Group, as the director of marketing and sales where she established the marketing infrastructure in Israel and began sales activities In June of 2020.
  • Rafi Gamson – Head of the Agriculture Dep. At the Institute of Quality and Control Ltd. (IQC), an Israeli based certification body for a wide range of local and international standards. Rafi Gamson is an Agronomist form the HUJ, manages the Certification activities and services for the Agri sector clients of IQC. Involved in the production and export of Fruits and Vegetables for over 25 years, in the medical cannabis sector for over 8 years and approved by the IMCA (Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency) for inspection and certification of Medical Cannabis farms in Israel.