A unique place for agriculture

The production model of Almerían agriculture is one characterised by high technical expertise and strong economic performance. The unique geographical realities of the region (i.e. the scarcity of essential resources, such as water) have given rise to a production system based on the efficient use of natural resources and the adoption of large scale plastic greenhouse farming methods. Almería has ~32,000 hectares of greenhouse cultivation and ~12,000 hectares of outdoor cultivation; operations built upon the principle of efficiency and a commitment to advanced technological methods

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The orchard of Europe

Here are~400 retailing companies in Almería, with an estimated collective turnover of €2.5 billion.Servicing a network of customers across Europe, these companies are supported by a web of seed houses, nurseries, agricultural suppliers, transport firms, integrated control systems, pest controllers, and food safety laboratories. This web constitutes a complete agricultural supply chain with a strong international focus.


Thanks to our total focus on the agricultural sector, ISAM establishes partnerships with companies throughout the agricultural supply chain. These collaborations are centered on three pillars: faculty, top companies in the agricultural sector to their means and high to teach at ISAM (BASF, Syngenta, Global G.A.P., Koppert.) These companies also send their employees to ISAM for agribusiness training and further growth in the companies and also hire ISAM graduates for positions of responsibility and internships. The last pillar focuses on consulting work where ISAM students collaborate with these companies on mini-challenges, TFM, and real case studies.

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Almería, land of agriculture and...

Whilst Almería has set an international benchmark with its agricultural production model, the region offers much more than this.

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