Our mission

Welcome to the world's agricultural business school

The agricultural sector is fundamental to the welfare and future of the world’s population In addition to guaranteeing global food security, the sector contributes to a growing awareness of the importance of our stewardship of the natural environment and the efficient management of the resources it provides.

ISAM emerged out of a deep knowledge of global agriculture and the recognition of the need to establish an international business school sensitive to the values underpinning the sector. The school aims to facilitate the training needs of international agriculture now and into the future. Founded in Almería, ISAM leverages its position at the heart of the global food supply chain to offer leading master’s degrees in agribusiness.

The agricultural sector is undergoing a transformative period of change. The emergence of new technologies, new resource efficiencies, new cultures of corporate social responsibility, and new marketing channels have collided with shifting consumption habits to create a unique range of supply-side and demand-side pressures. To adapt to this ever-shifting landscape, all stakeholders within the agricultural enterprise must embrace leadership capable of anticipating and responding to change.


ISAM is an international business school developed by and for the agricultural sector.


ISAM is the first business school specialising exclusively in agribusiness.


ISAM aims to develop programmes around the world; online and in clasroom.


With research conducted exclusively in agribusiness, innovation remains a consistent theme at ISAM.

Our mission

To train agribusiness professionals seeking to generate a positive impact in their companies, their communities, and international society more broadly; optimising the performance of the entire agricultural supply chain by entrenching the principles of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability at the heart of the contemporary agribusiness workforce.

mission of isam

Inclusion and diversity

Since its inception, ISAM has been committed to the principles of inclusion and diversity. We believe that these principles engender opportunities for everyone to learn, improve, and to establish rewarding personal and professional relationships.

In our facilities we aim to reproduce the natural diversity existing in society and nature. We respect difference; cultural, socio-economic, gender, sexual orientation, age, and abilities.

Our organisation and our faculty strive to create a collaborative, welcoming and motivating institution, where students are assessed on their capacities, not their profile. Such an environment helps to nurture the professional development of all our students and staff. ISAM’s commitment to diversity makes the classroom environment a more enriching place. We believe that a broad and diverse vision of the world acts as an engine for learning and innovation.


With changes proliferating across the agricultural sector and broader environment, ISAM is committed to finding innovative solutions through education and training.


We are part of the student’s learning process. We align ourselves with them around a shared objective.


Different nationalities, cultures and experiences create different perspectives which, in turn, foster growth and enrich our interpersonal relationships.


When selecting our students and our educational portfolio through faculty and academic content.


Innovation is part of the lifeblood of ISAM. We never cease in our search for new and exciting solutions and seek to inspire others to do the same.

Advisory Board

The advisory board will provide advice and support in the creation and development of academic programmes, as well as identifying and maintaining standards of best practice. In addition, board members will serve as ambassadors to the programmes; providing a conduit for the exchange of information and ideas between the ISAM curriculum and those most able to add value.

Prepare Leaders

At ISAM we have actively consulted with companies in order to discern the educational needs of contemporary agribusiness. In so doing, we have discerned a single core need: to train highly qualified professionals in all aspects of company management for application within the agricultural sector. Our international teaching faculty has a proven pedigree in agribusiness education, with each member offering insight into distinct aspects of the agricultural sector and the agri-food supply chain.