Almería: Agriculture and Agribusiness in progress

Technological innovation is leading Almería’s agriculture through a process of continuous transformation in which it is reconducting its methodology to a more sustainable and beneficial agriculture for the planet.

The meteorological characteristics and methods of Almería’s agriculture clearly set us as global models in the agricultural sector. Therefore,when we ask for the real reason for almost 50% of greenhouse hectares being in Almería, we should say that it is mainly due to the high level of exports of Almería’s produce that are distributed to various parts of Europe from Spain. This fact increases the economic value of our country and it is why many professional companies put so much effort and care into this sector, as is the case of our business school: ISAM Education.

Almería is a province of the autonomous community of Andalucía, in the South of Spain, which has a population of more than 700,000 individuals and an extension of about 290 km2.

This province stands out for its specialization in agriculture, as it holds around 32,000 greenhouse hectares and 12,000 of outdoor cultivation. The rest of Spain has a total amount of 70,000 hectares, which means that almost 50% of greenhouse cultivation is made in Almería.

Almería’s agriculture

Almería’s agricultural sector is the main producer both nationally and internationally due to the amount of hectares used for agriculture. The province is known as the “Sea of Plastic” because the plastics of the greenhouses form a wide and white area that can be seen from space.

This sector is very important in the province, as most of Almería’s families depend on it. Thanks to the main role of intensive agriculture in Almería, greenhouse and outdoor agriculture have evolved over the years.

The sector has transformed to adapt to the changes in its field, becoming more flexible and efficient. Therefore, this evolution resulted into an agriculture that is more respectful and careful with its environment and its inhabitants.

Agribusiness in Almería

Due to the high importance of agriculture in Almería and as it is necessary for sales and exports in the commercialization process to follow a series of strategies, and due to the appearance of technical knowledge needs related to intensive agriculture, the concept of “agribusiness” arises. This concept refers to selling products efficiently and effectively so that no negative external problems affecting the components of the supply chain of the sector are produced.

Almería’s agriculture includes over 400 agricultural companies and it is also the base of seeds, agricultural supplies, transports, integrated control and pest management companies, among others. With regard to agriculture, all of this allows Almería to be fully equipped for carrying out productions in an independent, safe and efficient way.

In ISAM Education we praise values. We are focused on educating our students for the future and teaching them how to adapt to the new times. We center our efforts in creating an efficient agriculture that is less harmful for the society.

In conclusion, we want our students to see the big picture of the sector with our masters, both nationally and internationally. We want them to acquire a broad overview of intensive agriculture but always conducting their path to sustainability and change, so that we can produce everything that is beneficial for the ecosystem. Our executive training is based on leading companies and innovation, values that will be of great use to our students in the future.

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