Why should I study agribusiness?

Due to the quick evolution of technologies and globalization, jobs are changing. The professions of the future have reached the most traditional sectors such as the agricultural sector. Studies in agribusiness management train professionals for decision making in the field of administrative and technological management of agribusiness. In today’s article we will tell you why you should study agribusiness management.

The agricultural sector is one of the most important sectors in the economies of countries around the world. Today, agribusiness presents great opportunities for growth in the labor market. As the demand for food increases, the world faces the limitation of its natural resources and climate change. To feed all of humanity, it will require a 50% increase in the production of food and other agricultural products between 2012 and mid-century.

Due to the change in the business and technological field, in order to manage an agribusiness it is no longer enough to have a little knowledge of economics, but a profile that is more involved in all processes and open to innovation is needed. An agribusiness administrator or manager must be able to provide tools and knowledge that allow producers to be more efficient and sustainable.

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What do you study in a master’s in Agribusiness Management?

Agribusiness management studies touch different areas, forming a 360-degree view of the agribusiness landscape. The agribusiness professional will incorporate knowledge of business management, technology and innovation, sustainability, solutions to global agribusiness challenges, and leadership skills.

In order to create economic, environmental and social value in the short and long term, contributing to the increased well-being and true progress of present and future generations, in the agricultural sector and in its environment in general, sustainability is used as a guiding thread of the program.

What are the functions of an agribusiness professional?

The agribusiness professional typically performs the following functions:

  • Business planning and leadership.
  • Preparation of business plans.
  • Management of the main agricultural production lines.
  • Design of marketing and commercialization strategies.
  • Problem analysis and decision-making.
  • Lead recruitment, motivation, training and development processes.
  • Use innovative management models and computer systems to analyze the organization’s behavior and plan its development.
  • Use modern production systems and techniques that improve production yields and ensure the conservation of natural resources.
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Where can an agribusiness professional work?

Studies in agribusiness management are significantly competitive for the modern professional who wants to work in the agricultural sector. The different knowledge acquired during the agribusiness management studies will allow the professional to work in different types of institutions and companies, having greater alternatives in terms of job opportunities.

Some of the job opportunities are:

  • General manager or head of operating units in different agribusinesses in the private and state sectors.
  • Agricultural consultant or advisor for food processing companies, farms, environmental and conservation NGOs, among others.
  • Teacher or researcher.
  • Entrepreneur.

If the world of agribusiness management is the future you are looking for, at ISAM we are targeting agribusiness professionals and young people who want to make a positive impact on their companies and society. We want to create an optimal ecosystem that makes the entire agricultural supply chain thrive from innovation, efficiency and sustainability. Take a look at our masters and courses or ask for information to find out which one suits you best.

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