Is your company internationalized or do you just export?

Globalization has meant a turning point in the way of doing business, as companies now understand that they do not have to limit themselves to national borders in order to profit from their products.

However, it is believed that a business that exports is already international and it is not, do you know why? Keep reading to find out what makes a company an international business.

How can I turn my business into an international one?

To turn your company into an international business, it is not enough to look for a customer in another country, it is necessary to analyze several factors.

For example, we must carry out a market study that contemplates aspects such as the legal requirements that we will have to enter that country, what our product brings to that market that the products of that nation do not bring, etc. We need to guide these sales according to a long-term strategy and establish a forecast of expenses and profits. The key to success will not be to sell more, but to sell well. The key to success will not be to sell more, but to sell well.

Likewise, there are hundreds of businesses in Spain that export the goods they produce to other countries and they are not international businesses at all.

Internationalization is a strategic decision

The globalization of markets and production in recent years has caused world trade to grow faster than production. Therefore, businesses without a well-designed strategic plan could be at risk.

In addition to the aspects we have mentioned, it is also necessary to analyze the benefits of the sales we make, since a sale is not finished until the merchandise has been delivered and collected.

Depending on whether our exports will be direct or indirect, i.e. whether we will sell to our customer without intermediaries and monitor the entire process ourselves, we must also take into account the conditions of the agrologistic chain.

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La globalización de los mercados y la producción en los últimos años ha hecho que el comercio mundial creciera más rápido que la producción. Por lo tanto, los negocios que no cuenten con un plan estratégico bien diseñado podrían estar en peligro. Además de los aspectos que hemos comentado, también es necesario analizar los beneficios de las ventas que hagamos, pues una venta no está terminada hasta que la mercancía se ha entregado y cobrado. Dependiendo de si nuestras exportaciones van a ser directas o indirectas, es decir, si venderemos a nuestro cliente sin intermediarios y monitorizando nosotros todo el proceso, debemos tener en cuenta también las condiciones de la cadena agrologística. Está claro que internacionalizar una empresa hoy día es un paso necesario para cualquier expansión pero, ¿sabrías hacerlo correctamente? Con nuestro Máster Internacional en gestión de Agronegocios, la internaciolización de tu empresa será pan comido. Aquí, aprenderás directamente de profesionales que están en contacto con el sector día a día y que conocen en detalle los retos a los que tu empresa se va a enfrentar. ¡El plazo de matriculación está abierto! Empezamos en septiembre.
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