The importance of digital marketing in Agribusiness

importancia marketing digital agronegocios

Although it may seem otherwise, the level of digitization in the agricultural industry is quite advanced in terms of automation of daily work and maintenance. In the case of digital marketing techniques, the sector remains a little bit behind. Nowadays, being “online” is essential for any business as it brings great opportunities. In this article, […]

Webinar: The Rise of Halal Food Market. Key trends and Business Opportunities

Tomás Guerrero shows in this webinar the opportunities that the growing Halal food market is offering. The director of the Halal Trade & Marketing Center, Tomás Guerrero, presents in this webinar how the halal market will impact the world’s economy and the keys to consider in Agribusiness. The Halal market is an important business opportunity […]

Why is an MBA helpful for an engineer?

como ayuda mba ingenieros

A few years ago, MBAs (Master of Business Administration) were mainly aimed at business professionals and managers. Business and engineering are two fields that traditionally have nothing to do with each other, but nowadays this situation is changing due to the burst of the entrepreneurial trend and the demand for versatility in the market. That […]

A week in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship with Danny O’ Brien

“Entrepreneurs jump off a cliff and build parachutes on their way down” – Reid Hoffman This was the quote on the slides of Danny O’Brien, who is the Managing Director of EMEA & Global Programs at SVG Ventures. The MIAM 2021 had long been anticipating his arrival in Almería for the week-long workshop on entrepreneurship […]

Soft skills that ISAM students acquire throughout their studies

soft skills isam students

“Soft skills get little respect but they will make or break your career” – Peggy Klaus Students generally attend university or school to improve their knowledge and their technical skills in a specific field. Although technical skills and knowledge are important to your career, soft skills are often overlooked and indispensable. Developing skills takes time […]

MIAM Student Experience attending Fruit Logística 2022

fruit logistica 2022

Fruit Logistica in Berlin was one of the most anticipated events in the MIAM 2021 intake. As one of the biggest agricultural events in Europe with 73 000 vendors and visitors in attendance from 135 different countries, Fruit Logistica was an interesting experience for the ISAM students. ISAM at Fruit Logistica There were ISAM students […]

Webinar: Key areas to grow your Agribusiness

webinar áreas clave agronegocios

Nancy Tucker presents the key areas to focus your Agribusiness in this webinar   Former Vice President and International Business Developer of the Produce Marketing Association, Nancy Tucker, explains in this webinar the key areas in which your agribusiness should focus and how to use them at a local and global level. Running an agribusiness […]

I have a Master’s already: Why I chose ISAM anyway

miam students

Interviewing a current student of MIAM   Michelle Marais is one of the students from the MIAM class of 2021. She is 24 years old and she has recently completed her Master’s in Agricultural Economics. Although she already has an elaborate education in the agricultural field, she chose to do the MIAM program at ISAM […]

Student VISA: Your last step for MIAM

miam student visa

These are 3 aspects that International Students need to have in mind when  planning on studying abroad.   If you are an International student, do not worry, ISAM team will lead you through all the process until you arrive in Spain. COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we see things and embrace opportunities. Therefore, students […]