Why you should apply for MIAM before March 2023

If stepping into the world of Agribusiness is one of your main objectives for 2023, you should know something. There is a Master’s degree in Agribusiness Management that is conducted fully in English in one of the biggest agricultural hubs in Europe and in the world: Almería (Spain). This Master’s is aimed at young people […]

Solbay Segovia, connecting the flower family business with her future career

Solbay Segovia, from Ecuador, could have never imagined that enrolling in MIAM could result in so many benefits for her family business! When she came to Spain she wanted to develop her career in the flower sector… but she did much more than just that! This is the story of Solbay Segovia in Colvin and […]

Lean Manufacturing: what is it, and what are its steps and tools?

For a company to prosper it must be productive, that is to say, the value of sales must be greater than the cost of manufacturing. That is why companies are increasingly looking for optimization and efficiency, and many have chosen to implement Lean Manufacturing. What is Lean Manufacturing? What is it based on? In 1950, […]

Water and its responsible management in agriculture

Water is a key element in agricultural production and also in food security worldwide. Therefore, in today’s article you will learn how to manage water efficiently in agriculture. What is the future of water management in agriculture? Agriculture currently consumes 70% of the water extracted worldwide and the FAO estimates that in 2050 agriculture will […]

Skills into practice: the story of Bleis Koni in BASF

With a background in Economics, Bleis Koni proved to BASF-Nunhems that he came from Albania to make an impact in the agribusiness sector. His experience as Marketing Manager for Agro Koni and all the knowledge he acquired during 11 months in MIAM, led him to a future job opportunity in this Seedhouse.    Where did […]

Technological innovation in fisheries and conservation

Innovation is a relevant factor for the competitiveness of any business, including the fishing sector. Innovation is the clear response to new consumer demands, which are constantly evolving, and to the need to continue optimizing and improving the value chain. Fishing and the fishing sector as a whole generates more than 20% of the European […]

Vegan & organic products, a growing trend

Consumers are changing fast, especially in terms of commitment to the environment and the footprint we leave on the planet. Among these changes is the growing trend of consumers reducing the consumption of animal-based products and the increased consumption of vegan, vegetarian, or environmentally responsible products. What is known as the “green revolution” is now […]

1 mandatory internship and 7 job opportunities for Nikhil Reddy

Interviewing a current student of MIAM A dream come true. Coming from a background in Digital Marketing and Technology, Nikhil’s career goal was to land a job in an international agri-company. Did he achieve it? Keep reading. Where did you do your internship? In Kimitec (Almería). This is a biotechnology company applied to agriculture that […]

“Farm to fork” the new food strategy

The current food model has a considerable impact on the environment and consumer health. Approximately one third of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food systems, according to a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This model also has a detrimental effect on people’s health (more than 50% of European adults are […]