Searching for Agri-Innovators

A leader is visionary, curious, observant, listens carefully, and is empowered to take risks. 

Becoming a leader can be a tough road if you are not properly accompanied. At ISAM you will develop the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills necessary to successfully run any company in the agricultural sector. 

Gain the essential knowledge and confidence to change the rules of the agricultural sector.

What set of skills do you need to be successful in the agricultural sector?


Innovate in processes, products, or services through the methodology used by leading organizations in the agricultural and technological sector.


Understand the technologies that lead us towards the 5.0 revolution such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machine Learning, or Big Data.


Develops the personal skills necessary to successfully lead multidisciplinary teams. Empower your team to achieve greatness.


Face the current challenges of the agricultural sector tutored by expert professionals and prepare to face any challenge that the supply chain holds.



Programme Objectives

  • Become an expert in the management of agricultural companies.
  • Improve your interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills whilst achieving an in-depth understanding of the agricultural sector.
  • Apply your learning within a real company project.
  • Learn how technology will continue to impact the agro-industry.

Key Points

  • Become an agripeneur.
  • Take your current company to the next level.
  • Start your global career in the agri sector.
  • Join a global student community.
  • Become an expert in Agribusiness in Almería, one of the main agricultural hubs in the world.
  • Learn from professionals and experts in the industry.
  • Receive career advice throughout your professional journey.
  • Make corporate connections in the agricultural sector.
  • Focus on practical learning.
  • Experience the real world through intensive agribusiness projects and workshops.

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