Several scholarships are available to incoming ISAM students. Scholarship applications should be completed and submitted within the MIAM application form to the Admissions Department as early as possible. The Scholarship Committee takes the final decision on which type os scholarship each admitted candidate receives.

To apply for the ISAM Scholarship you will need to write a Scholarship Essay or make a Video selecting one of the following subjects and send it to your advisor.

Dedicated to students who have demonstrated enthusiasm and a natural aptitude for leadership. This may be in work context through inspiring and managing a high performing team, or by holding significant leadership roles in a social,charitable or entrepreneurial context.
Dedicated to students who have a positive impact in making the world a better place. Successful candidates will show their plans to use their degree to improve the lives of their fellow citizens or have worked in organizations serving underprivileged populations.
Awarded to aspiring business leaders who have worked full-time for a minimum of one year in a large global corporation. For this scholarship, ISAM is seeking applicants who have experience in an international company and have a global business mindset.
Applies to candidates who have been involved in an Start Up or who are planning to start their own company after they finish their master’s degree.
Created for female applicants who have managerial experience in an international environment.
Dedicated to candidates who have excelled in their studies, earning an outstanding GPA.

How to apply for Scholarship

1. Write an Essay

Choose one of the previous topics and write a scholarship Essay of minimum 500 words. Once that you have the document ready send it to your advisor.

Should contain Name, Programme & Topic.

2. Create a Video

If you want to be more original and creative you can also apply for scholarship sending us a video.

Tell us who you are, the programme you are applying to and which topic you use.

3. Share it with ISAM

Upload it to Vimeo or Dropbox. Include your Director of Enrollment email in the share to. There is no requeriment for a professional Video, you can use your phone or you computer to record it.

The Video should not be longer than 3 minutes and must be in English.

We recommend applying for the scholarship together with the rest of your application. This way ISAM will be able to provide your admissions resolution and inform you about the outcome of scholarship application at the same time.

Financial Aid

ISAM offers need based financial aid. The financial aid committee looks at the situation of each accepted student and, depending on each candidate’s personal circumstances, decides if financial aid will be awarded and at what level.

Please contact your academic advisor for more information.

Are you ready to start your application?