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A commitment to young talent, diversity and equal opportunities for future leaders in the Agri-sector. ISAM Scholarships Program is a unique tool for young graduates who want to grow professionally in the agricultural sector and need financial help to study at ISAM.

Step 1

Apply for MIAM. 

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Apply for the partial scholarship before receiving your admissions resolution. 

Step 3

Receive your admissions and scholarship resolution on the same day.

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Confirm your seat. 

Global Scholarships

The Global Scholarships are directed to international students who are planning to study at ISAM campus for the MIAM program.

In order to apply for ISAM Global Scholarships you need to be involved in the admission process for the MIAM Program. Please, make sure that you fill the MIAM application form before you consider applying for scholarship.

To apply for ISAM Scholarships you will need to record a Video selecting one of the following topics and upload it in the following link.

The scholarship does not include accommodation, living and transportation expenses.


Dedicated to students who have demonstrated enthusiasm and a natural aptitude for leadership. This may be in work context through inspiring and managing a high-performing team, or by holding significant leadership roles in a social, charitable or entrepreneurial context.

Topic of the video:

  • A professional plan/project you want to start in your future career after coursing MIAM.


Dedicated to students who have a positive impact in making the world a better place. Successful candidates will show their plans to use their degree to improve the lives of their fellow citizens or have worked in organizations serving underprivileged populations.

Topic of the video:

  • How your dedication to sustainability and social causes will have positive effects in the future of Agribusiness.


Awarded to aspiring business leaders who have worked full-time for a minimum of one year in a large global corporation. For this scholarship, ISAM is seeking applicants who have experience in an international company and have a global business mindset.

Topic of the video:

  • How MIAM will help you grow in your professional career inside a global agri-company.


It applies to candidates who have been involved in an Start Up or who are planning to start their own company after they finish their master’s degree.

Topic of the video:

  • Explain your entrepreneurial project in the Agribusiness sector.


Created for female applicants who have an interest in entering in the Agribusiness sector. In ISAM we aim to promote personal growth through education for women who aspire to become leaders of the agri-sector at at global level.

Topic of the video:

  • How are you planning to grow your community/region/company as a woman in agribusiness?


Dedicated to candidates who have excelled in their studies, earning an outstanding GPA. Applicants previous studies do not need to be related to Agribusiness, but they are motivated to enter this sector and keep growing in their careers.

Topic of the video:

  • Why a good academic performance is important to become an agri-leader.


Scholarships for residents in Spain

These Scholarships are aimed to Spanish citizens and residents. Scholarship applications should be completed and submitted within the MIAM application form to the Admissions Department as soon as possible.


This scholarship is aimed to support talented young people living in Spain who intend to develop their professional and personal skills to lead the agribusiness sector without leaving Spain.

ISAM offers 2 scholarships for 50% of the total Tuition Fee. With this scholarship, ISAM wants to help young professionals with fewer resources, who are passionate about leading the sector and who we trust, after having received this training, can positively influence the development of the sector generating a positive impact on society.The scholarship does not include accommodation, living and transportation expenses.

Application before July 10th. Resolution Date: July 17th.

Topic of the video:

  • The Spanish agricultural market as an example of global food quality and security.


This scholarship is aimed at recent graduates who are from Almería and would like to enroll in our Master in International Agribusiness Management (MIAM). 

ISAM offers the possibility of applying for three scholarships that will cover 100%, 60% or 50% of the tuition fee of three students who are focused on building their careers in the Agribusiness sector.

The students who benefit from the scholarships will act during the academic year as ambassadors for Almería and the agricultural sector, collaborating closely with ISAM in different activities. In fact, they will be doing a part-time internship with ISAM during the course.

Application before May 8th. Resolution Date: 19th May

Topic of the video:

  • How do you see Almería’s Agricultural Model in 20 years?

More info here.

Scholarships for IAAS Members


Dedicated to candidates that are part of IAAS (International Association of students in Agricultural and related Sciences), who are motivated to enter this sector professionally and keep growing in their careers.

Applications deadline: May 13th.

More info.

Topic of the video:

  • The future of technology in the agricultural sector. 

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*ISAM scholarships are partial, and never fully funded. The Admissions team will take into consideration the documentation provided by the student, their performance during the admissions interview, the scholarship video, background, and family/country situation.