NEOM: Uniting sustainability and innovation in the city of the future

Sustainability is a goal and a challenge today. All companies are trying to implement more sustainable models to counteract the serious ecological crisis we are undergoing, but the slope gets steeper and steeper.

The NEOM project reaches another level, with the vision of creating a space that makes the world a better place, 100% eco-friendly and implementing the latest technological advances, and based on respect, diversity and passion.

What is NEOM?

As its name suggests, NEOM is the city of the “new future”. It is an urban megaproject located in the northeast of Saudi Arabia, in the province of Tabuk, consisting of a total of 5 economic-technological regions equipped with the best innovations. These are:

  • Sindalah: This region will be the first physical exhibition we will be able to see of NEOM. This island resort located in the Red Sea will feature 51 retail outlets, a beach club, a yacht club, hotels, spa and a large marina, all in luxury. With a multitude of activities above and below the water and a perfect paradisiacal climate.
  • The Line: Also known as the hub of NEOM, a city on the cusp of technological advancement and sustainability, which will be able to house up to 9 million people. It will extend 170 km from the mountains of Saudi Arabia through the desert valleys to the Red Sea. The city will be powered by 100% renewable energy and virtually the entire natural environment will be preserved in its construction.
  • Trojena: The mountains of NEOM, the perfect location where tourists can practice alpine and adventure sports, as well as enjoy the winter experience that the geographical area offers in the coldest months of the year.
  • Oxagon: The other city in this megaproject, focused on research and innovation, with access to a global network and a next-generation port with an integrated supply chain.
  • Leyja: This fifth NEOM region has 3 luxury hotels in the middle of the Gulf of Aqaba. The place is designed so that visitors can relax and enjoy nature in complete harmony with it.

All these areas aim to implement 14 different sectors, which are: manufacturing, water, technology, entertainment and culture, education, design and construction, food, energy, sports, tourism, mobility, health, wellness and biotechnology, financial services and media.

One of NEOM's sustainable regions, the line.

NEOM’s purpose, sustainability

The goal of this project is to create a circular economy that relies less on oil and more on sustainable energy. A legacy where people can develop and bring out their greatest potential, taking care of the nature that surrounds them and having as a priority the well-being and quality of life of people.

It is intended that the project’s buildings will be powered entirely by renewable energy sources, in addition to building the regions in a fully strategic and organized manner to reduce pollution.


This futuristic idea originated to opt for a different way to put an end to the environmental problems that are destroying the planet, creating a space that is as ecological and sustainable as possible.

In NEOM work professionals from around the world specialized in different areas, so that ISAM has several students who have completed our International Master in Agribusiness Management Online and are currently developing this project, specifically in the area of agribusiness and sustainability.

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