Partner Companies

ISAM is the Business School created by and for the agricultural sector.

Koppert is a leading company in the field of sustainable agriculture, specializing in biological solutions for pest and disease control as well as natural pollination of crops. Headquartered in the Netherlands and with a global presence, Koppert offers innovative solutions that promote crop health and biodiversity in agricultural systems.

Biosabor is a leading company in the field of organic agriculture, dedicated to the production and marketing of high quality organic fruits and vegetables. Based in Almeria, Spain, Biosabor is distinguished by its commitment to sustainable agriculture and respect for the environment.

AGF, Asociación Grupo Fashion, is the leading company in the production and commercialization of the Watermelon Fashion® brand. The company has become a benchmark in the agricultural industry, standing out for its commitment to quality and innovation.

Frutas Escobi is a fruit and vegetable trading and exporting company, located in Almeria. At Frutas Escobi, they are committed to offering fresh, high quality products that reflect the excellence of the land of Almeria.

La Voz de Almería is a leading newspaper in the region of Almería, Spain, offering comprehensive coverage of local, national and international news. With a long history in journalism, La Voz de Almería has established itself as a reliable source of information for the Almería community and beyond.

Fresh Sourcing is a leading company in the fresh produce distribution sector, specialized in the import and export of fruits and vegetables. It stands out for its extensive network of suppliers and customers around the world.